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Ahoy hoy

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Greetings! I'm one of those returning course anglers. I've had a 5/6 year hiatus as lure fishing has taken over rather, especially since having a yak and now being near the sea. But some local waters have taken my eye and I found myself wanting to drown some maggots again.

I sold a lot of my kit to fund my lure addiction, but crucially kept my rods just in case. Well 'just in case' has now turned up and I'm getting back into it, so stay tuned for a plethora of questions as I try and remember just what in the heck I'm meant to be doing with feeders and hair rigs and quivers and hooks that aren't on trebles attached to big bits of rubber!

ATB Chris

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Being near the sea i would flog my gear and get a metal detector lol

Its just like fishing but with a very slight chance of getting your money back 😋

Welcome to the forum steer clear of the brexit thread ! Its more polarised than fly fishing vs carp fishing 

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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum :thumbs:


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