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30LW bought last year x 2. A VERY cheap reel!! But it does show too! But at the same tiem very useable and quite robust allbeit a bit plasticy!! Certainly a better than the rest budget buy!!

I think I bought 3 rods and got three reels for £99 plus post of £5!! Betty bargain in my eyes!!



Chris Goddard

It is to be observed that 'angling' is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish.

If GOD had NOT meant us to go fishing, WHY did he give us arms then??

(If you can't help out someone in need then don't bother my old Dad always said! My grandma put it a LITTLE more, well different! It's like peeing yourself in a black pair of pants she said! It gives you a LOVELY warm feeling but no-one really notices!))

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If you do a quick search on this forum you'll find an earlier query on these reels. I have two - very smooth and light, as Chris says, a bit plasticy but it aint broke yet and a bargain at the price. You can get some fab deals on these with a Ron Thompson rod. Even if they don't last long they're worth it.

East Hampshire Boat Anglers www.boat-angling.co.uk

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I don,t own any, but my friends in the US (where they were first launched), don,t rate the long life of the gears on the multipliers.


But, at the price,perhaps you could afford to replace them every few years.

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It depends how you use and look after your reels?

Cheapies like Okuma, Ron Thomson etc. If looked after ( a wash after use?), will last just as long as an expensive reel that`s neglected?

Some folk have mentioned the plastic bits. Plastic is more corrosion resistant than metal, and modern plastics are up to the job. They just look cheap?

Sure. A well maintained Penn, Shimano etc will be `up to the job` for longer. But unless you`re into serious fishing, is the extra £100 giving you value for money.

See you in a couple of months.

:) Paul. :D:D

We don`t use J`s anymore!!

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To concur with others, I've had one of the L/H Okuma 30XLs for a year now. Unfortunately only had chance to use it once, but found it a very good reel.



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