Angel Lakes

Sunday 19th July 09 open Bowes


Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temperature 18 deg, humidity 59%, wind W12 mph, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.2 deg, PH 7.07, DO 8.4 ppm, conductivity -30


1st Alan Mc Guire 54lb 10oz peg 5 Fished 1.5 hours on pole 8 meters out, hair rigged 10mm pellet surrounded by paste, then used tip rod to island pellet and paste.

2nd Andy Simpson 48lb 5oz peg 3  Pole 10 metres out with pellet fed hemp.

3rd Roger Pedleham 46lb 6oz peg 26 tip rod to island pellet

4th Jerry Bowes 44lb 6oz peg 36 pole fished paste 10 to 12 meters out.

5th Neil Brown 43lb 11oz peg 16 tip to island pellet and paste

6th Chris Owers 43lb 7oz peg 24 tip rod to island 10 mm pellet and maggot.


Conner Ross with one of his nets winner of Browning YM qualifierBrowning Youth Masters Qualifier Lookout Sat 18th July 09 4 hours


Conditions : Light Rain, ambient temperature 12 deg, humidity 100%, Wind WNW 10 mph,  barometer 1004.1 mb. Moon phase waning crescent, water temperature dropped 15.2 deg,  DO dropped 10.2, PH 7.06, conductivity -18.


1st Connor Ross 44lb 3oz peg 5 well done Conner Good luck in the Final

2nd Kieran Yates 40lb 2 oz peg 1

3rd Seadna Finnegan 27lb 3oz peg 2

4th Glen Preston 19lb 8oz peg 6

5th Scott Howe 15lb 15oz peg 8


Very well done to everyone and great work Connor on going through to the final at Moorlands Farm Fishery Kidderminster.


Wed Eve 15th July 09 Open Bowes


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, Ambient temperature 20 deg, humidity 64%, wind calm to 2 mph, barometer 1006.1 mb, moon phase last qtr, Water temp 18.2 deg, Ph 7.37, DO 14.2 ppm turned Aerator off!! For match, conductivity -42.


1st Keith Ainsley 46lb 6oz inc a 15lb 15oz common, peg 40 pole top 4 on paste

2nd Chris Owers 44lb 15 oz peg 2 pole top 4 paste,

3rd Paul Tuff 37lb 08oz peg 18

4th Tommy Marshall 29lb 9oz peg 37

5th John Foster 28lb 15oz peg 34

6th Neil Brown 27lb 6oz peg 4


Turned Aerator off for match, and water was still and calm, would have been better to have left the aerator on for water movement and surface ripples.



Some excellent fishing before and after the  36 hours of torrential rain from Thursday evening to Sat morning, water levels rose dramatically but our overflow system which was designed for 100 year flood situations did very well, and kept levels of water to 4 inches below pegs. Water temperature dropped to 15.2 deg, DO also dropped to 10 ppm, PH turned acid slightly however with sorter daylight hours fish are feeding well through the day and superbly at dusk and dawn.

Hook baits working are paste, pellet, maggot, worm, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, prawns and mussle.

Try soaking angel pellets till moist mould into a small ball around hook and add micro pellets around the ball as a conker works great but you need a hook size of 14 or 12. 




At the moment its fish on the drop with all the water gone in through the torrential rains of the past two days. Some good catches with the Juniors Browning Youth Masters in a 4 hour match was won by Conner Ross with 44lb 3oz who goes on to the final at Moorlands Farm Fishery Kidderminster  on the 31st of July well done Conner.

Before and after the torrential rain lasting 36 hours fishing was outstanding on pole, rod float, bomb,  the full range of species coming out with exceptional bream to 9lb 2oz and some very good crucians best 3lb but lots of them being caught.



Some good weights coming out both for pleasure anglers and match anglers, carp do need to be kept fed so feed angel pellets, hemp, maggot, worm or caster little but very often to keep fish in your swim - its all about the feeding to catch well. , Alan Mc Guire won the Sunday match with 54lb 10ozon peg 5, even though we had had all that rain previously.

Season ticket holder Paul Wood fishing peg 1, caught a lovely common carp 25lb 2oz on large pieces of Luncheon meat over pva bags of angel pellets on Monday evening. Paul caught at 15 ft from the peg to his right.



Cracking catches on maggot with a 10lb 6oz common caught by Josh Welby 10 yrs old on his first fishing session with his dad at Angel, Tench, rudd, roach, ide, golden orfe, skimmers, crucians all being caught in good numbers. Great when wind gets up as very sheltered



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