Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 10th 10th 2010
Conditions: - Fog early on, then mostly cloudy, ambient temperature 13 deg, humidity 88%, wind NE12 mph, barometer 1019, moon phase waxing crescent, Water temp 11.2 deg, DO 13.2 ppm, PH 7.19, Mv10

1st Tony Watson 34lb 10oz peg 16aa & GP
2nd Chris Owers 26lb 1oz peg 9
3rd Ricky Bennett 23lb 1oz peg 31
4th Geoff Lincoln 20lb 5oz peg 14
5th John Foster 20lb 3oz peg 246th Jonathan Broadbent 19lb 3oz peg 7

Match angler with fish

Saturday 9th October 2010 open Bowes
Conditions: - Light drizzle and Fog, ambient temp 13 deg, wind ENE 8mph poor fishing wind, barometer 1022 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temperature 11.3 deg, PH 7.43, DO 14.9 ppm, MV25

1st Ricky Bennett 57lb peg 23
2nd Richard Wildman 18lb peg 40


Wednesday 6th October 2010 open match Bowes
After torrential downpours yet again! the sky cleared to mostly cloudy, ambient temperature 12 deg, wind was calm then SW 13 mph, barometer 995.1 mb (low for fishing)-, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 10.1 in middle thermals with cooler water top and bottom, PH 7.45, DO 7.85, mv 29

1st Rob Emery 38lb 6oz peg 24 bomb and feeder, 6 in front and rest on conker to island
2nd Ricky Bennett 33lb 4oz peg 2
3rd Richard Wildman 22lb 14oz peg 34
4th Davey Hammel 19lb 2oz peg 2
Rest DNW even though some good bream weighed in separately

Weather wise this was a strange week, torrential rains, very thick fog, and yes we had some sun, the fish are feeding up for winter ahead and have started to shoal. Friday fish were up in the water and water temperature had risen to 11.3 deg, previous to this the fish were down on the bottom feeding.

Wind has varied from calm to W and S, making fish at times follow the wind direction.

Use watercraft to choose your peg, as hot pegs differ with wind direction, when N or E the fish look for calm waters out of the wind and therefore look for sheltered warmer thermals.

Some cracking silvers out of the lakes, and carp feeding up well but choice of pegs and the method of fishing will determine the quantity of fish caught, as well as getting the feed patterns correct-don’t forget very very little feed at this water temperature. 


Tips of the week

Pole try margins and top 5 out, feed pellets 3mm in pole cup, and try pellet on hook.

Tip /feeder small cage feeder with angel 3mm pellets, to island, and angel 10mm pellet banded onto a hair rig.

Tip/Bomb of far shelf towards island, or back bank, in deep water, pellet or corn on hook, catapult small 6mm pellets around, search along bank to find fish, try high up then cast a little down bank, till you get onto fish.

Float try margins or out 4 meters up in the water for rudd, feed maggots and maggots on hook, or alternatively use pellet and fish dead bottom.

Hook baits working, pellet, paste, worm, caster, maggot, mussel, prawn, sweet corn, and cubes of luncheon meat. Or try conker angel feed pellet hair rigged and banded covered in angel 3mm pellets soaked to form a paste covering.

Feed angel pellets, hemp, groundbait, maggot, chopped worm, and caster. But feed very little. Attractants of liquid additives can just boost your catch rate but not in large quantities just a little.

If you are fishing up in the water some very good Rudd and Golden rudd numbers have been caught as well as Ide and Orfe, and at times some cracking carp.

Fishing on the bottom will bring in carp, tench, roach, and tight in margins has produced some lovely crucians, perch, and carp as well.

Carp feeding up and getting caught in numbers at early morning and late afternoon, silvers catching all day.

Tony Watson Sundays winner caught some cracking silvers including a 1lb.8oz Roach, and some good Ide and Orfe.

Some good catches of carp and some cracking bream out to 8lb 14oz, as well as ide, Orfe, Rudd, Roach, tench and perch. Hot pegs depend on wind direction as fish are shoaling up as shorter day light hours and water temperatures lower.

Chose to bring, pole, tip for feeder and a bomb rod and if not catching on one method try another.

Don’t over feed

Ricky Bennett won Saturdays match on peg 23 using conker (angel 10mm banded on a hair rig, covered in paste made from angel 3mm soaked pellets)

Still at great catch rates and loads of carp getting caught, crucians as well, silvers also feeding very well, loads of anglers like this pond in windy weather as it is very sheltered. Follow above feed regime but remember no groundbait allowed on this pond.

Angling Coaching still ongoing on a Saturday morning or groups or one to one through the week, please note these must be pre booked by phone.  Tele 0191 4100449 or email  web site