Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 11th July 2010 open Lookout


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy,  ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 78%, wind WSw 25 mph with high gusts to 45mph, barometer 1005.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 8.8, Water temp 18.7, PH 8.23, MV 47


1st Chris Gowling 73lb 9oz peg 23  lost 8lb 15oz as over one net

2nd Paul Jackson 56lb peg 15

3rd Tony Watson 55lb 3oz peg 24

 Section right Dave Pearson 45lb 7oz peg 11

Section left Steve knowles 42lb 11oz peg 1


Friday afternoon 9th July 2010 open draw 1pm Lookout


Partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, humidity 72%,  wind SSW 17 mph,  barometer 1012.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp17.6, DO 8.3, PH 8.29,  MV49


1st John Foster 66lb 1oz peg 16aaa

2nd Dave Catchyside 60lb 8oz Peg 1

3rd Peter Wadge 51lb 12oz peg 15

4th Ricky Bennett 47lb 2oz peg 2

5th Dave Foster 42lb 12oz peg 13

6th Alan Mc Guire 40lb 11oz peg 5


Wed eve 7th July 2010 3 hour open Bowes


Partly cloudy, ambient temp 22 deg, humidity 46%, wind SW 18 mph,  barometer 1010.8 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 19.2 deg, PH 7.95, DO 9.15, mv 39


1st Tony Watson 67lb 2oz peg 17 pellet waggler and 10mm angel pelletts banded

2nd Ricky Bennett 44lb 8oz peg 4

3rd Dave Foster 44lb 6oz peg 34

4th Dave Catchyside 42lb 13lb peg 1

5th Eddy Brydon 29lb 9oz peg 19

6th Alan Mc Guire 29lb 4oz peg 4



Fishing excellently on all lakes, float/waggler, pellet  waggler, pole, tip/cage feeder or pva bags, bomb all catching in high numbers. Tight to margins or across at far bank tight in working well, pellet waggler over to far bank up in water for carp,also  up in the water for Rudd at about 10 ft out and also dead bottom of 2nd shelf for tench and skimmers or bream, also Roach .Ide, Orfe and Perch.

Baits on the hook working are pellet, expander, banded 10mm, soft hookers, maggot, worm, caster, cubed luncheon meat, prawn, mussel, Paste (try soaking Angels 3mm feed pellets and make into paste),




Best fishing in my life is how some customers are reporting to their catches, Carp, Ghosties, Crucians, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Ide, Orfe, Tench, Skimmers and Bream all being caught in great numbers, make sure you have at least a couple of different methods of fishing ie pole, tip, bomb, pellet waggler, waggler/float, so if one method does not work switch to another.

Fish tight to reeds rt or left of peg off first shelf, or at 10ft out of second shelf dead bottom, or at 12 ft out up in the water, or across to the far bank.

Chris Gowling got 82lb 8oz in the match on Sunday but lost 8lb 15oz in weight as he went over one of his nets.



Some cracking fish both in size and numbers being caught this week, best bream out that we weighed was 11lb 10oz and that was post spawning by Alec Henderson who also caught another 3 to 9lb 1oz all on chopped worm and caster close in off the second shelf dead bottom he also caught and landed 32 carp but lost another 6.

Some high numbers of carp out with Wed 3 hour match being won by Tony Watson with 67lb 2oz and he lost another 8 carp.

Tench, Rudd, Roach, Ide, Orfe, Skimmers also being caught in good numbers. Lots of double sized carp out with Ian Smith taking 14 doubles on Luncheon meat to his best 23lb 6oz in a evening session.




Outstanding fishing on this pond with everyone catching high numbers of fish, On windy days it is the most sheltered and gives anglers a great sport .

8 yr old Sam Philips caught 27 fish on his first ever angling coaching session on Sunday and is a convert coming back nest week to continue his lessons.


National Fishing Month is starting Saturday with Angel having the next 4 Saturdays (as well as groups on weekdays) to one hour learn to fish sessions which need to be booked in advanced 9am till 3pm , the cost is £5.00 per hour and we supply, ticket to water, rod licence, bait, equipment as wellas qualified angling coaches. Phone  Ann on 0191 4100449