Angel Lakes

Sunday 9th May 2010 open/League Bowes


Conditions:-Heavy overnight rain,  Mostly Cloudy, ambient temp 8 deg, humidity 81%,wind ENE 8 mph, barometer 1015.9 mb, moon phase wanning crescent, water temp 10.1, DO 6.95, PH 8.35, mv 49.

1st Paul Jackson 34lb 12oz peg 25

2nd Ray Wallace 28lb 10oz peg 22

3rd Chris Gowling 25lb 1oz peg 10

Section Derek Fox 16lb 1oz peg 21

Section 2 Ricky Bennett  17lb 2oz peg 33

Tough days fishing!

Next 4 weeks is on the Lookout !!! please phone to put name down.


Friday 7th May 2010 club Hassra

Conditions:- Very heavy rain overnight, Partly cloudy, ambient temp 9 deg, humidity 71%,

Wind ENE 17 mph, moon phase wanning crescent,  water temp 10.2,  PH 7.95, DO 8.3 ppm, mv 30 

1st Tony Watson 72lb 3oz peg 38 silvers

2nd Nigel Rippley 63lb 11oz peg 2

3rd Andy Sinclair 60lb 12oz peg 7

4th Steve Guy 50lb 13oz peg 27

5th Graham Skirrey 48lb 14oz peg 5

6th Paul O Donnel 41lb 15oz peg 31 went over one silver net

Tony fished 7 meters out worm and caster


Wed 4th May 2010 open Bowes

Conditions:- Partly cloudy,  ambient temp 8 deg, humidity 87%, wind WNW 6 mph, moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 9.1 deg (dropped) DO 8.5 ppm, Ph 7.83, Mv25

1st Alan Mc Guire 44lb 11oz peg 2

2nd Ricky Bennett 35lb 14oz peg 25

3rd John Foster 29lb 5oz peg 3

4th Graham Skirrey 24lb 10oz peg 16

5th Dave Jackson 14lb 12oz peg 21

6th Ray Wallace 7lb 1oz peg 1

Alan Fished very tight to island caught a good bream and rest were carp,

After the match those who fished on caught fish a chuck, Alan fished conker tight to Island.

 Match times for summer from 19th May is Sundays 9 am draw, Wed Eve 5pm draw, Friday afternoon 1pm draw.



Fishing exceptionally well silvers through the day ( Fridays match produced 72lb 3oz in 5 hours) with some carp and Carp favouring dusk and dawn, worm, caster, maggot and pellet, conker (10mm angel pellet banded on hook covered in 3mm angel pellet made into paste), paste also in warmer days working well on hook.



Large bream coming out very well on worm and caster, Silvers are exceptional in quality and carp putting on good weights, margins starting to work well with Dusk and Dawn very productive for carp.



Fishing very well since the new stockings, Large orfe, carp, crucians and silvers all favouring maggot with pellet also working, 


Angling Coaching

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