Angel Fishing Lakes

Sunday 16th Oct open / League Lookout
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, humidity 68%, wind SW9 , barometer 1016.9 mb, water temp 9.9 deg, PH 7.55, DO6.95, MV 41

1st John Foster 43lb 13oz peg 32
2nd Ricky Bennett 43lb 3oz peg 16aa
3rd Alister Morris jnr 28lb 13oz peg 27
4th Jonny Maven  jnr 28lb 10oz peg 37
5th Lee Slater 27lb 2oz peg 24
6th Tony Watson 23lb 6oz peg 2

Wed 12th Oct 2011 open Bowes
Conditions:- heavy overnight rain and rain through day, ambient temp 10 deg, wind ESE 5mph, barometer 1016.6 mb, moon phase full, DO 7.25, Ph 7.80, Water temp 9 deg, mv 41

1st Peter Smith 40lb peg 16
2nd Dave Jackson 17lb 2oz peg 20
3rd Steve Jacques 13lb 7oz peg 4
rest DNW
A lot good-sized fish have been caught this week in each species,
Bassetts carp catching well with the best an 8lb carp and a golden Orfe of 3lb 10oz as well as some good skimmers, most catching on maggot close in or 6 meters out but corn and pellet also working.
Bowes has had 4 large carp out the best being a 26lb 4oz common, bream the best caught was 9lb 8oz and best ide was 2lb 10oz,
Lookout has had a steady catch rate of 7lb carp, ide to 3lb and Orfe over 3lb, tench of 6lb 5oz, and 4lb bream, perch of 3lb 8oz, and some good skimmers to 2lb.
Fish are shoaling up and water is starting to clear, Sundays winner used paste to catch, and 2nd used 10mm pellet, 3rd used maggot at 11 meters, and 4th had 4 carp for 28lb on maggot, so all methods are catching just need to sort out what works on the day.