Anglers’ Mail News Release

ONLY Angler’s Mail can this week officially announce an impressive ABC sales success to shout about… proving that if YOU want to back a winner, Angler’s Mail is the one!

Angler’s Mail had a tremendous year in 2008, building consistently off the back of a turn-around year in 2007. This success is led by the teams’ unrivalled knowledge of the angling community, delivering more news, venues, reviews and product tests in the areas the readers ask for.

Angler's MailPages inside each £1.60 issue, available throughout the UK every Tuesday in newsagents and supermarkets, have been pulling in crowds of admirers: all of which are serious, spending anglers and the trade at large.

Editor Tim Knight said: "Our weekly year-on-year sales grew by 7%*, confirmed for all to see in the independently audited figures, the ABCs, which are the industry’s accepted proof. I take all non-ABC figures with a pinch of salt, and ask what are they hiding from us?

"Generally consumer and specialist magazines had an increasingly tough year in 2008, so we are one of the few shining lights. And at IPC Media, which has over 80 print titles across all markets, our PLUS 7% is the best by any weekly magazine.

"We grew our brand substantially, largely through selling more magazines, but advertising interest has remained strong and space for 2009 issues is now selling fast. We are now able to continue to reinvest in the best angling magazine in the market.

"We’re confident the amazing value we offer for coarse anglers, and our team’s professionalism, will again help the Mail outperform many other players."

* ABC Jan-December 2008

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