Boux blitz despite chilly conditions

More updates from Sandrine Perrier at Horton Fishing; John Tuitman has just returned from a challenging session at the awesome ‘Domaine de Boux' venue located in the beautiful Nièvre region in the middle East of France.

John reports that the fishing was extremely difficult due to the icy cold conditions and the accompanying rain and hail! At the start of the week the water temperature measured just six degrees and slowly made it up to 10 degrees by the end of the week.

John displays a stunning Domaine de Boux common

Nonetheless, an impressive tally of huge carp were banked during the week with over twenty fish banked. Only a couple were under twenty pounds with the vast majority being upper twenty's and thirties, topped by a stunning 42lb 6oz lunker.

The BOUX venue is situated roughly 6 ½ hr from Calais and is home to approximately 250-300 carp up to a whopping 57lb! The water also contains grass carp up to 45lb. Roughly 50 of the carp are over the 30lb barrier. Boux is in the beautiful Morvan region of France, the lake is isolated with no public footpaths or public access. Supermarkets and local shops are only five minutes away from the lake and toilets and showers are available 300yrds away from the lake. The lake is rented out on an exclusive basis from Saturday to Saturday for a maximum of five anglers.

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