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{My apologies for not posting this earlier. Rick sent this report back in October, but it got lost in a mountain of emails…..Ed}

Since my last fishing report we have caught some extremely big fish.

A few months ago, we were visited by two American clients who fished at the Maeklong River for Giant freshwater stingrays.

In a short one day session the anglers hooked a massive Giant freshwater stingray which they fought for three hours. During the course of the battle an 80lb stand up rod was broken, causing the anglers to retie onto a stronger rod. The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 210-220kg’s and is pictured with the broken rod.

Giant freshwater stingray

Fishsiam was also visited by two European anglers who also fished on the Maeklong River and caught a 1.9m Giant freshwater stingray estimated to weigh 190kg’s+.
Our most interesting capture for some time saw UK newly weds Nigel and Caroline visiting Thailand for their honeymoon. After fishing for two days at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok and catching a large haul of Mekong Catfish to 50kg’s, the newlyweds moved to the Maeklong River. Early in the day the recently married couple hooked an unseen monster stingray which was lost after a battle of almost three hours.
Later in the afternoon the anglers hooked another monster Giant freshwater stingray which they took turns in battling for another three hour battle. The Giant freshwater stingray was finally landed in the hours of darkness and was observed to be a recapture of a fish caught seven months prior. The big stingray had a width of 2.3m’s and was estimated to weigh 220kg’s. The couple posed in full wedding gear for the trophy shots with the Giant freshwater stingray. Not one of your usual fishing holidays!

Giant freshwater stingray

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about Jeremy Wade’s visit to Thailand to film for River Monster, please take a look at the full report here

Jeremy Wade - River Monsters

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