Llys-y-Fran Reservoir Report

August has once again shown itself to be a month with two halves, the early part as reported proved difficult on both worm and fly, with average catches on both methods remaining low. Thankfully such has not been the case over the past few weeks with some excellent bags and fish being taken, along with the heaviest fish so far landed on the fly, and the heaviest taken by a junior angler using Ledgered Worm.

The same period has also seen a marked rise in the average bag weights for those anglers achieving their six fish limits, especially when fishing fly from either bank or boat, with a high percentage of these being between 15 to 18lbs and some excellent bags in excess of 20lbs. Those anglers opting to fish Ledgered Worm from the bank, although still recording some cracking bags, aren’t having the same level of success.

One of the main reasons for this we feel is due the unseasonable weather experienced so far during the 2008 season. The continued period of rainfall has not only kept the Reservoir full, something totally unheard of for this time of year as regards Llys-y-Fran, but it has also kept the surface water temperature fairly constant for a still water over a two month period where you would normally expect to see a marked rise. If we had experienced our normal weather conditions the surface temperature over the past month would be around 22°C, whereas it is currently only 15.5°C. This also means that whereby we would normally expect to see a drop in the oxygen saturation levels on the surface, this has not happened, these still remain within the 90% plus region.

Obviously these factors linked to the high numbers of fry available within the marginal regions are proving beneficial, with many fish being taken close in by anglers fishing fly from both the bank and boat. Those anglers with knowledge of the water fishing Ledgered Worm are also able to maximise on this as is apparent from some of the bags taken.

SV500453_329614671.jpg“Abu” (Arthur) Webb of Hakin, Milford Haven recently took one of his best 6 fish bags on Ledgered Worm at the Reservoir. His bag weight, which included a best fish of 5lbs 8ozs, totalled 19lbs. “Charlie” Deakin of Clarbeston Road recorded a six fish bag of 20lbs during the following week with a best fish of 6lbs. Honours however must go to the Sean Povey of Maenclochog and family, who recorded a six fish bag of 25lbs 5ozs last Friday. This was taken on a family ticket, which allows an adult to fish with up to two children under the age of 12 for the same price as a normal day permit. Sean’s son Jamie at only 10 years old took the best fish so far by a junior angler during the 2008 season; this was a Rainbow Trout of 9lbs 2ozs. Well done Jamie.

Fly boat over the same period has also produced some very good bags over the past few weeks. P Evans of Carmarthen took six fish for 15lbs 12ozs with a best fish of 4lbs. J Bromley of Llandysul recorded a six fish limit of 17lbs 12ozs the week before. His bag included a best fish of 5lbs 4ozs. Brian Dalton of Haverfordwest, a season permit holder, with a best fish of 5lbs 13ozs took one of the best bags using this method; his total bag weight amounted to 20lbs 7ozs.

Honours however must go to Carl Lowndes of Neyland; Carl recently recorded a six fish limit of 26lbs 6ozs whilst fishing fly from the bank at the top end of the “Big Arm”. His six fish limit included a best fish of 9lbs 15ozs. Well done Carl, although you have still got a way to go to beat your personal best of 11lbs 2ozs at Llys-y-Fran Reservoir.