Mini Pop-Up Tiger Nuts

If you fish day-ticket carp waters, you’ll know that finding that crucial edge is essential for continued success.

And that’s where the new Mini Pop-Up Tiger Nuts from Enterprise Tackle come in.

Brand new for 2014, these remarkably life-like buoyant baits come soaked in 5ml of tiger nut flavour and it’s this sweet and pungent liquid that will ensure your hookbait stands out from the crowd.

Top carper and Enterprise Tackle consultant Frank Warwick certainly believes they’ll prove invaluable, especially on hard-fished venues.

“The new mini tiger nuts from Enterprise have answered my prayers.” said Frank. “These little beauties are perfect for the very subtle presentations often needed on pressured waters."

Brilliant when fished on their own or in conjunction with a real nut, tests have also seen them score as a zig rig bait.

“We’ve been selling our standard-sized nuts in flavour for some time and they’ve proved very popular,” said Enterprise Tackle boss Chris Hornsby. “So it seemed logical to offer the mini tigers in the same liquid too. I know a lot of anglers love the rich, sweet and pungent flavour and we have every confidence these will catch plenty of fish.”

*Each pot contains eight baits and 5ml of tiger nut flavour. RRP £3.75. They will be available in tackle shops shortly.

Mini Pop-Up Tiger Nuts