SAA Announce the Newest Angling Blog

Specialist Anglers' Alliance announces today the addition of a Blog to the SAA website at

Michael Heylin, SAA secretary, said, “We hope that our new blog will become required reading for thinking anglers throughout the land.  It will be the place they can keep up with the latest news and campaigns led, not only by SAA, but being run by all our colleagues in angling and fisheries.”

He added, “SAA has had a few problems communicating with members and non-members alike recently, because of lack of funds.  We have concentrated on doing the work and not been very good at telling others what we have been doing for them. We hope the new blog will help all anglers see just how much we are doing, everyday, to support them and to promote our sport.”

David Bird, chairman, said, “SAA is not an organisation of just “big fish” anglers, anyone who intentionally goes searching for a specific species when they angle is a specialist and we would welcome them into membership.  All anglers can join SAA on-line at our website and help support the work we do with our colleagues in other angling organisations. SAA needs those anglers' contributions to continue the work which is getting more and more demanding.”