Following the unprecedented success of Carpio’s distance Silkweed and in response to demand from silkweed fans, Carpio have developed a new lead to add to their collection – the flat pear silkweed.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the Silkweed collection, these are ideal for most situations.  On the lakebed they look identical to a piece of weed allowing the angler to use a 3” hooklink without spooking the fish.

SILKWEEDS FROM CARPIOBoth the black and the brown are incredible in silt and the green version looks great in both clear and weedy waters. These leads are ideal for stalking and most other situations.

Another great feature is being able to glug them with your required flavours allowing you to fish single hook baits, offering great attraction.

These are already being used by some top anglers around Europe.

Carpio Silkweeds are available in:-  
Distance  2, 3, 4, 5, 6 oz
Flat Pear 2, 3 oz
Inline Distance 2, 3, 4 oz

To complement the Silkweeds, Carpio’s speciality collection includes leads with unique gravel, dung, textured, and smooth finishes.  All products are manufactured in the UK and hand finished.  To place an order go to or call 01376 568 368.