Camping across Europe with freshwater and sea fishing – an Alan Rogers guide

The question of campsites that offer fishing often comes up in the Anglers’ Net forums and, although there are usually some good suggestions, it’s always amazed me that this information wasn’t more readily available. With a worldwide recession still in motion, and most of us tightening our belts in 2011, I reckon budget holidays are going to be more sought after than ever. Besides, most anglers I know PREFER camping to being stuck indoors!

101 Best Campsites For Fishing is what it says it is. It lists 101 campsites across Europe that actively promote fishing, rather than ones that just happen to be within a 20-mile radius of water.

Each campsite is given one page in the guide. That page consists of contact details, including the website address, where applicable. You are then told the types of accommodation available; Pitch, Mobile home/chalet, Hotel/B&B and apartment – each selection has a tickbox available next to it, so you can see at a glance.

101 Best Campsites For FishingThere is then a description of the site itself, which actually gives you a good ‘feel’ for the site, as well as the surrounding area, in most cases. Below this is a list of the fishing available (fly, coarse, sea), along with any extra facilities (i.e. bait and tackle supplies), and a handy fact or two about the site. If the lake or river is actually on the site, this is shown, too.

The right hand column of the page gives a more detailed breakdown of the facilities available at the venue, along with the dates it’s open, directions for getting there and a guide to prices.

101 Best Campsites For Fishing lists campsites in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Obviously, the main part of the book is 101 pages long, but there is also a fairly good introduction to fishing, as well as an index.

With a recommended price of just £6.99, I think it will be snapped up by anyone wanting to do a bit of fishing whilst on holiday. There’s enough in there for most people to find somewhere to suit their needs. Alan Rogers have been producing campsite guides since 1968, so you’d expect a fairly polished product. This particular book is part of a series of six, with other titles available for those who like camping mixed up with a bit of golf, outdoor activities, etc. They even do one specifically for those who like to take their dog on holiday with them.

It would be great if this did sell well, as it may encourage the publisher to do a version based on the UK only. I reckon that would be VERY popular!

101 Best Campsites For Fishing is available from Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon and many other good bookshops. CLICK HERE if you’d like to check the current price and availability on Amazon UK.

Elton Murphy
February 1st, 2011

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