ACE ‘Elements’ sinking rig tube is something to be considered in every carp anglers tackle box.

Rig tubing prevents damage to carp by protecting the flank of the fish and eliminating scale lift by the main line during the capture, so is essential for fish welfare. ACE tubing helps to sink the main line behind the lead to camouflage the rig and prevent fish spooking or shying away from the baited hook.

ACE Elements Rig Tubing‘Elements’ rig tubing has a generous internal bore to make threading onto the line easier whilst maintaining a low overall profile to disguise it on the lake bed.

With two metres in each pack, there is more than enough to tackle up a couple of rods. Available in colours to match silty, clay or gravel bottoms, it should prove invisible to wary carp.

Sold in easily recognisable ACE orange and black packaging, it may be the only time you will see it as once it’s in the water, it disappears!

Priced at around £1.90, get yours from good tackle outlets, online, or visit for more great ideas.

Clint Walker, Jan 2010

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