Elements QC Swivels

This is yet another item of tackle from Advanced Carp Equipment (ACE) in the ELEMENTS range. I’ll admit I’m a big fan of ACE kit, not just because it ‘...does what it says on the tin’  but because they have solved one of my biggest problems when I’m fishing. I often go to a tackle shop with a rough idea of what I need, and then find that I don’t know what to couple it with to make my rigs effective. I’m forever forgetting what brand stable my latest bits are from, which often results in terminal tackle not being quite right....

For the benefit of the forgetful angler, ACE get around this problem not just by producing a complete range of matching terminal tackle, but also by including items which are designed to work together in the same pack! It’s something I’d noticed before with ACE tackle, rig bits are sold in packs that work as a ‘stand alone’ unit, with no need to buy another item to make them work; if you want swivels and tail rubbers together, then that’s what you get in one purchase. No need to buy several products at the same time to get the result you want.

Elements QC SwivelsLots of carpers like to be able to change hook links without breaking down their tackle completely. The QC swivel system allows this with ease. ACE market the QC swivels in sizes 8 and 10, both finished in a non-reflective matt black to prevent flash or shine spooking fish near the bait. The open ended ‘hook’ means that hook links can be threaded through PVA sticks and reattached to the mainline easily; a change of hook link material, change of hook, or length of terminal tackle can effortlessly be accommodated by the QC swivel. Packaged complete with complimenting tail rubbers which slide over the ‘hook’ to pin the link in place, it means that the rig is completely secure and held clear of the mainlineto prevent tangles.

An additional benefit to this system of attachment allows the hook length to be unclipped with a carp in the net to aid hook removal. By releasing the hook link, the angler can move fishing rods clear of the unhooking area and prevent damage to fish or tackle by keeping the area clear. Ace! Look out for more fantastic new ideas coming soon from Advanced Carp Equipment.

Available from all good tackle stockists or online from www.acecarp.com