BaitWize an interesting new company

Every now and then you get a new company come through that doesn't have the funding of the big boys but that also seems to produce some nice catches on a regular basis.  One such company that we have seen is BaitWize, they have a limited range of boilies that are made to order but they all seem to produce regular catches.
You can find their RF1 boilies on eBay here the boilies themselves are listed as HNV and what we like about these boilies is that they give you a rough idea of what the boilies are actually made from which is;


4 Fishmeal's

Vegetable protein

Cereal & Pulse Blend

Milk Powder (Lamlac)

Whey Protein

Genuine Haiths Robinred

Genuine Haiths CLO


And for the liquids well we have included the following blend:

Hydrolysate Liquid Fish

Hydrolysate Liquid Liver

Salmon Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Concentrated Crayfish Flavour

We have it on good authority that not only do these baits contain genuine Haith's products but they also contain ingredients from FeedStimulants both of whom are top quality bait ingredient suppliers.

BaitWize are on facebook and as well as the captures we have posted here you can see more of their fish captures on their facebook page /BaitWize