Coleman 15W 2 Speed Lever Drag

I received this reel for review from David Watts of Sharnbrook Tackle a couple of months ago and I’ve now stripped and tested it and I’m pleased with what I found.

The reel appears to be made from an aluminium alloy and is from China. I’m sure there are very similar reels around under different names but not at this price.

I received a similar reel to this one a couple of years ago but the importer decided not to market it because of the points I picked up. This one is of better quality and will appeal to anglers that want a 2 speed lever drag but at a budget price. I believe this is the smallest in the range of  4 but it will do the job for most anglers.

coleman_reel_515002587.jpgThere are 4 ball bearings, ignore the amount printed on the reel, I’ve stripped it and believe me, there are only 4.(David tells me there are 2 anti-reverse bearings in the handle) There is a double dog for the anti-reverse which should give a long, trouble free life. The gears and most of the internal and external workings are stainless steel, not plastic. There is a one piece frame and spool, the drag is smooth and I can’t see it having a problem with the fish we are likely to hook around the UK coast, sharks,  tope, rays and conger spring to mind. The gears change at the push of a button and the high at 3.7:1 gives a rapid retrieve of line and the low at 1.7:1 will winch or wind up most fish without a problem.

The line out alarm, ratchet to us, is very audible and slows the release of line, as it’s meant to. The handle has a comfortable grip and turns freely and smoothly.

The only pick up point for me was the poor quality of the stamping of the reel securing clamp, it needed a few strokes of a rat tail file to take off the rough edges, something that should have been noticed at the factory and dealt with there.

All in all, an alloy 2 speed lever drag reel at £175 is a bargain, the larger models are slighter dearer per model. Have a look at or ring David on 01234 781902 for advice.

Norman Berry, Editor, Sea Angling News