Cygnet DLX Quicklock Rod Pod

I'll start this review by saying I hate rod pods! Instead, I much prefer separate banksticks for each rod as I can position them anywhere I like in the swim. In particular, this allows the rods to point directly down the line leading to short pulls being shown very much better. It also minimises resistance, which can be absolutely vital for species like perch.

However, sometimes rod pods are a necessary evil, as when fishing from concrete banks or on a landing stage over deep water.

Last season I needed to replace my worn out pod, and so firstly asked around and then tried out umpteen models in several local shops. It didn't take long before I decided that the Cygnet DLX Quicklock was the pod for me.

Cygnet DLX Quicklock Rod PodDespite being nice and light for when you've a long walk, this pod is extremely stable. Indeed, I've fished with it in force 7 winds and it's been rock steady - the most important feature when choosing a pod.

One of its other advantages is that it's extremely quick and simple to both set up and dismantle. This is due to the clever locking mechanism - just twist it, pull the legs out and twist it back to lock everything securely in place. This is a feature you'll really appreciate when it's raining cats and dogs!

The model I tested extends to 54" so that you can use 13ft rods yet still have the butt ring between the bite alarm and your reel. It comes complete with 3 interchangeable telescopic banksticks of 4½, 7½ and 10½ inches so that you can point the rods up or down according to the method you're using and the nature of the swim.

The cost is a very reasonable £64.99, which is £13 less than last year.

Cygnet products are widely available, but in case of difficulty phone or fax Mick Nolan on 01474-871861.

Steve Burke

June 2001