Fishrite Xtreme PVA Drawstring Bags

Most of the lads I fish with know that I rarely get ‘excited' about new tackle on to the market. In fact, I'm sceptical about most; it's usually new packaging on an old product. However, when I called into see David Hunt at Fishrite recently, he showed me his latest ‘must have' PVA Bags and I was genuinely ‘excited' about what these fantastic little bags could do for my fishing! 

To most, PVA bags are PVA bags, and I'd go along with that to a certain extent, but what Fishrite have done is make the whole process of fishing with PVA a breath of fresh air. The new Fishrite PVA bags have a PVA drawstring which allows you to simply fill up the bag, pull it shut, and seal it up - done in seconds. There is no fumbling about to find your tape or having to tie it round the neck of the bag. What's more, all the drawstring bags have decent 2mm circular perforations to ensure your bag hits the bottom quickly. If there's one thing I'm sick of, it's whacking out a PVA bag and then realising I've forgotten to puncture a load of holes in it - Never again!! 

With regard to ease of use, nothing comes close. No longer is there a need to cut down and trim bags as there are countless sizes and types to cover any situation encountered on the bank; tube bags, mini bags, large bags, cone bags, and bullet bags... the list is endless! In addition to the drawstring bags Fishrite also do a range of plain or perforated bags so there really is a bag for every eventuality!

As you can see from the images they really are simple to use and will save so much time and hassle on the bank. It will literally take you longer to decide which of the many bags to use, than it will to fill it up and tie it off. All you have to do is;

Select your bag and fill it with rig/bait
Pull the drawstring tight
Wet the drawstring and wrap it tightly around the neck
Job done!

After tank testing with several types of bait I can heartily recommend the new Fishrite PVA bags over others I have used on a number of fronts;

Excellent strength and durability (for casting)
Quick and effective breakdown
Complete lack of PVA residue 

For the best deal on this item visit the TrevsTacklewebsite (Any purchases though this link help support Anglers Net).

Julian Grattidge
24th February, 2005