Gardner Chod Rig

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the chod rig is something I often struggle to construct properly. I always seem to get a kink in the hook link material near the swivel that I am unable to steam out or shift, so these pre-tied chod rigs are perfect for me!

With the onset of the colder months, many anglers will be using the chod rig; cast at showing fish or over the top of Autumns debris, it’s an extremely effectively weapon in the carpers armoury.

Designed primarily to be fished with a ‘pop up’ bait, the choddy is finished at the hook end with discreet rig ring so you can attach your favourite bait.

Gardner Chod RigThis particular rig is tied using Gardner’s 15lb ‘Tripwire’ stiff hook link which maintains its aggressive curve even after being blasted to the horizon behind a 3oz lead! Because it does stay in shape, the ‘Tripwire’ acts as an extension to the shank of the ‘D-Ceptor’ hook to ensure it turns into the mouth of the fish on contact.

The ‘D-Ceptor’ hook features a turned out eye to relieve pressure on the short shank during the ensuing fight, a nice wide gape and razor sharp point, which combine to give the carp little chance of escape.

Tied to a size 12 flexi ring swivel, which is finished in low contrast ‘anti glare’, the rig is a tidy addition to any tackle box. No more fumbling with cold fingers to tie up a new rig, just use a Gardner Chod Rig. I’ve used them for a few sessions now, I’ve caught fish regularly and I have every confidence in them.

Retailing for £1.99 each, they are available in hook sizes 4, 6 and 8 (barbed) or 6 and 8 barbless. For more information, ‘how to’ videos and a list of stockists, visit Gardner’s excellent website

Clint Walker, Sept 2010 ©