You don’t need much from a headlamp. You usually need it to be bright, have a decent battery life and not be so heavy that you go home with a sore neck after every trip! Doesn’t sound beyond the realms of possibility, but there aren’t that many that can fulfil all of the criteria.

The FX-Ion from Speleo exceeds all the above by a country mile!!

It’s rechargeable, which used to mean that you had to take a spare one in the old days. Not with this one, it will run for 11 hours on one charge, supplying a bright halogen light continuously. That should see you through even the longest nights on the beach, or by the lake.

FX-Ion from SpeleoDespite the intensity of the light and the duration of the charge, the FX-Ion is incredibly light, weighing no more than conventional headlamps. The battery sits on the headband (i.e. on the back of your head), so there are no leads to trail underneath clothing and no need to have a battery pack hanging from your belt.

Speleo products are well known and respected by anglers, cavers and many other outdoor enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise that the FX-Ion is water-resistant, too.

The charger unit is very hi-tech, too, utilising the latest technology to allow you to “Plug In And Forget”. You can’t damage it by overcharging!

The Speleo FX-Ion isn’t cheap, but that’s because it really is the latest cutting edge technology in the world of lamps. A good headlamp is priceless to many anglers, and this one will pay for itself a hundred times over due to the fact that you get a high quality, lightweight rechargeable headlamp. You can pay less, but you’ll get a lot less for your money!

Visit the Speleo website for more details and a list of stockists.

Elton Murphy
May, 2001

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