Drift fishing for pike allows a dead or live bait to be presented to areas unreachable from a standard ledger cast, and the method allows the bait to be carried on the wind at distances well over a hundred yards.

In order to use the method successfully it helps to check the depth and clarity of the water you are intending to drift over as obviously the rig could become snagged or beached if there was weed present or shallow bars and shelves rising from the deeper water.

The method proves particularly effective for reaching areas you are perhaps not able to fish in normal conditions, for example; if one bank has no swims from which to fish, you could let a drift rig pass over it from a swim on the opposite bank allowing you to cover the area with ease.

The excellent diagram has been put together by Budgie, who draws the readers’ attention to the use of the up trace and stresses the importance of incorporating this into any drift rig set up.


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