Right there are basically two ways to prepare tiger nuts and I’m not going to say which is the best as there are equal amounts of people on each side who will argue that one method is better than the other. What I will say however is that I have had equally good results on both methods so it is entirely personal preference which method you choose to try.

The first method is very simple…

Firstly, place one kg of tiger nuts and put them in a large saucepan. Pour boiling water over them so that they are covered by around two inches of water and leave them to soak for twenty four hours.

Pour them into a strainer after twenty four hours allowing all the water to drain off. Then put them back in the saucepan, cover with fresh water and boil for thirty minutes.

Your tiger nuts are now ready, use ASAP or freeze.

The second method is a bit more involved and will require a separate shed, out house, etc if you want to stay in your other half’s good books.

The first thing to do is place a kg of tiger nuts into a sealable bait bucket, add two hundred and fifty grams of granulated sugar (the stuff you put in your tea and coffee) and if you want to flavour them ten ml of your chosen flavouring. If you want to colour them add ten grams of powdered food colouring now.

Now again pour boiling water over them so that they are covered by around two inches of water, give them a good stir, seal the lid and place them in a nice dry warm place for 4 days.

After four days, open the lid and tip everything into a large saucepan/metal container. Bring the mix to a boil and boil for thirty minutes making sure to keep the Tigernuts covered in water (add boiling water from a kettle if they start to become uncovered)

While they are boiling give the bait bucket a quick wash and after the thirty minutes is up, tip everything from the saucepan back into the bait bucket put the lid back on and put back into a nice warm place.

Leave for another four days and if all has gone successfully you should have a nice thick syrupy substance where the water used to be once you open them up. You can keep and use these until you start to see mould appearing on them. This time varies depending on where the tiger nuts are kept once ready.

If anyone wants to upload a photo if they try this please feel free as I’ve ran out of tiger nuts and won’t be getting anymore for a few months.

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