Free Competitions

Interest free credit card. Free lunch. Free day (to go fishing!). Free competition.

It's funny, but that word 'free' seems to add a little something extra to the words around it! Therefore, we're sure that you'll enjoy the fact that Anglers' Net now runs lots of free competitions, specifically made for anglers.

To enter any of these competitions, see below. You can enter as many competitions as you want and we do not harvest your email addresses. They are stored until the competition closes and only the winner is contacted, before they all get deleted! Please note, however, that you can enter each competition once only - this makes it fair for everyone.

Good luck!

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Avanti Pole Rig Box Competition - Click Here

Added 15th December, 2012

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Mailing List Members Competition - Click Here
Added 15th December, 2012

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