Adjustable zig rig fishing

The adjustable zig rig is a much easier rig to cast out and manage, it is made using a 1ft-2ft hair, couple of rubber beads, a controller float and a lead.

Julian Cundiff – Question and Answer

We recently caught up with a true gentleman of fishing the one and only Julian Cundiff.  If you are into your carp fishing then Julian will be a person you have come across somewhere along the line, offering great advice on rigs and fishing styles, Jules is one of those anglers that will always try

Daiwa Germany team member with a stunning pike

Marcel Asbroek from Diawa Germany recently went on an unexpected trip with his friends from and good fishing buds Nils Gabsa

How to tie the D rig

How to tie the D rig – Demonstration showing one way of tying the popular D rig used in carp fishing. Popularised in Korda underwater 7. If you’re still struggling to tie this rig Ready Rigs will tie them to order for you using quality branded components.

Homemade Chopstick Lures

Have you ever considered making a fishing lure from chopsticks??  We hadn’t until we saw this video on youtube, we think these look quite cool to make.  The action in the water on this video is actually surprisingly good for such a simple.