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Carp Kinetics Roll Set

RRP £60 Now only £20 - Customer review by Tim Fullbrook

Black Zero Centrepin - £15

Reader review by Chris Livingstone - RRP £49.99 Now only £15! ...
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Carp Kinetics Wideload Eight-Leg Bedchair

RRP £199.99. Now only £99.99 reviewed by user Ken Massey...
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When Sharks Become Bait!

This has to be seen to be believed.......
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Common Fishing Knots

Knots are an integral part of any angles armory, knowing of different knots, how to tie them and when to use, is just as important
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Running Leger Rig

Fishing a running leger setup is one of the most simple yet effective methods of legering. Deadly on rivers and stillwater alike, mastering this simple
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Julian Grattidge Julian Grattidge works alongside Elton on Anglers' Net, a role that allows him to talk about fishing all day! In addition Julian runs his own carp website dedicated to carp anglers oop north and also edits a monthly carp column in North West Angler. When he's not fishing (or talking about it), Julian often likes to get his 'fix' of adrenalin from his other passion, cars. Yes, Julian is a keen rally fan and general admirer of all things four-wheeled and fast (particularly Subaru Impreza’s). He's not just an armchair spectator, either, and has been known to take a seat in a rally car from time to time and he also regularly helps competing friends as support crew. As you'll see from Julian's articles, he is an accomplished carp angler and has spent many years in pursuit of his quarry. Although his main target are the big carp, Julian welcomes specimen fish of any species on the right tackle. If you're interested in any form of advertising on Anglers' Net, drop Julian a line.