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Saturday November 29th, 2014

Black Zero Centrepin - £15

Reader review by Chris Livingstone - RRP £49.99 Now only £15! ...
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Carp Kinetics Wideload Eight-Leg Bedchair

RRP £199.99. Now only £99.99 reviewed by user Ken Massey...
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When Sharks Become Bait!

This has to be seen to be believed.......
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Common Fishing Knots

Knots are an integral part of any angles armory, knowing of different knots, how to tie them and when to use, is just as important
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Running Leger Rig

Fishing a running leger setup is one of the most simple yet effective methods of legering. Deadly on rivers and stillwater alike, mastering this simple
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Featured author
Terry-Doe image Born 18 July 1956, in Berkshire, Terry is a Romany Gypsy, who spent his formative years hunting most things that ran, crawled, swam or flew, in and around the gravel pits, fields and streams of Horton and Wraysbury. Terry began writing for various magazines in 1987, and these days a publishing company employs him full-time as a technical editor. A former U.S. National, European and British shooting champion, Terry rediscovered fishing about two years ago, and having retired from the competition shooting circuit, he now lists angling as his 'main retreat' Carp and pike are Terry's species of choice, although he'll "have a go at anything that gets me next to a lake, stream or river." Terry Doe makes no claim to expert angler status. He catches some decent fish - mainly thanks to his ability to hunt-out their locations - but he's an absolute master at enjoying what he does. He says, "For me, fishing's about being out there, among the life of a lake, rather than just going after what's in it. If I can teach my boys that there's more to see in a stream than there will ever be on a television screen - then I'll be happy."