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Sunday 29th March

Posted by OwdTrout , 05 April 2009 · 254 views

Another nice day and the usual start in the same pool. Once again the successful fly was my stuck shuck emerger. A couple of fish came to it. Nothing unusual, both about 12 inches. Time to explore further. The next pool up seemed devoid of trout. About 50 yards further upstream I spotted a rise, close to my bank (there is no access from the opposite bank. Carefully I waded up a gravel bank mid stream to where I could cast at the fish. Twice I rose the fish and twice miss timed the tightening of the line. Large dark olives trickled off and still the fish rose.

Four youths came along the riverside path and started to shout abuse. This was soon followed by bits of wood and stones up to half brick size. They had taken up position in just such a place that they blocked my only egress from the river. Totally exposed with no where to go I could only weather the barrage.

After that I had lost my composure and couldn't really fish effectively so called it a day. As I came out of the river I spotted the youths again. One of them turned and walked away from the group toward the industrial units I was standing amongst. I ducked round a corner and waited. When he arrived I got a good hold on him and "explained the error of his ways". I now have names and addresses for them all.

Well next week looks like a week off. Photos to be taken on Saturday and other tasks are conspiring to keep me away from the river.

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