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  2. Hi Yosser, Welcome to our lovely, friendly Forum Giz' a job I can do that (Google "Boys From The Black Stuff) May I suggest you get some practice in pleasure fishing on your own before even thinking about joining a Club!! Fishing clubs by definition hold Matches (Competitions that is) Unless you are actually talking about clubs that just own water you can pleasure fish?? There are some really nice guys on here who are only too willing to help.. Martin. (I'm Leeds but the membership on here is from all over the UK & 1 or 2 across the pond)
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  4. I will rejoice leaving when we leave ,parliament is still full of remainers desperate to tie us to these foreign dogs forever and any deal made is remaining!
  5. Chesters1 I understand - but you should have warned we luddites. Caught me off guard Phone
  6. Barry, Read your very first post in this thread. You ask 3 questions - I have your answer Phone
  7. *Ant*

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    Hi and welcome Yosser.
  8. BoldBear

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    Hi Yosser, welcome to the forum. Are there any rivers and streams that hold coarse fish near you? or is it mainly stillwaters that you fish? Look forward to reading your posts Keith
  9. If 99.9% voted tory (or brexit) you would still whine!
  10. I forget very little Fortunately for undemocratic uk democracy most forget everything these animals get up to and happely vote the most cortupt back in
  11. 13 million votes for the tories 16 million voted against democracy they say or is it . Should each party have the same cash for any election ,should politic adverts on social media be stopped , it’s a bit like 3 card brag the man with the most money always always wins many questions and answers .
  12. Blimey! Was there an election? Must have missed it....
  13. All, Here is what we know on this side of the pond. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/13/world/europe/uk-general-election-results.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage As for me personally some of my following comment should be in quotes and some is my observation. I've read about six articles on the topic. Johnson delivered the Conservative Party its first commanding majority in over 40 years, while the opposition Labour Party teeters on the precipice of civil war. Johnson presented Brexit as a simple hurdle, rather than a process likely to take a decade. Boris Johnson’s victory has drawn in millions of former Labour voters whose vision of Brexit is far different from the Conservative establishment’s. These voters want safe jobs, protection from imports and the restoration of a Britain that vanished in the contrails of the global economy. I like Singapore-on-Thames, as their marketing slogan. As Britain has learned before, bitterly, Conservatives do not squander their majorities. Now they have a big one, and five full years to use it Phone.
  14. Danny Aiello, best known for his roles in the movies Do The Right Thing and The Godfather Part II, aged 86.
  15. As a long-time Labour supporter, I voted Conservative and I'm GLAD they got in and gave Corbyn a bloody nose. And despite what a lot of politicals have been saying, the result was not all about Brexit either, plenty of other people I know (who would also have normally voted for Labour) chose to vote against Corbyn too. Now hopefully that waste of skin will step down early and we'll get someone we can respect running the party.
  16. I've been wishing I could do that for years
  17. Barry, As an expert on the topic, I have now formulated my answer to post #1 Is the u k better in or out. OUT Looking forward to arguments for and against being ruled by Brussels. Good or bad and why please. BAD - JUST BECAUSE Will Cameron do enough to beat off the brexit campaign? BAD QUESTION - WHO IS CAMERON?
  18. All, WoW, I wasted all of 3 minutes trying to figure this one out JULY 2017 really? Phone
  19. 57% voted for non-Tory, but we get Tory in spite of "the Will of the People"
  20. John S, What are the chances of closing this thread? Big Cod, You still have a glimmer of hope. Now we'll see if "labour" can impeach Trump. Phone
  21. Surely dead people should be allowed to vote postmortem after all they worked all their lives to pay mp's to tell them what to do. Unfortunately the idea is quite old some prospective mp's already use dead people to vote for them ,goldfish do already but are useless in exit polls Dogs will be influenced by their owners but cats are trustworthy . Unfortunately if every living ,dead ,canine ,feline, canary monkey and goldfish voted for conservatives labour and their supporters would still give the impression they won and hardly a word why they did not ,after all if you can tell the public night is day and not blink an eye then just one vote is a winner
  22. Brexshit bombshell thought so what a repeat performance history does repeat itself tory sellout again !!! you couldn’t write but it it’s just the beginning I tell you this is going to be popular what a start for Johnson 🤥 never trust the tories they will be sticking pins in him and he had the cheek to go on Peterhead fish market the other day . https://www.thenational.scot/news/18042446.tories-ready-sell-out-scottish-fishing-brexit-deal/
  23. You've spent too long wallowing in the media spin of the Independent Paul. His words in that interview, are different to your attempt to put that same spin on them. John
  24. I thought the same when Corbyn kept saying 'for the many not for the few', what he meant was that only applies if the 'many' agree with the thoughts of his little gang. That's where his excuses fall down, they keep saying that it's been all about Brexit. He fails to see that his platform was more about pushing his outdated, childish, ideals, than it was about solving real life problems. John.
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