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    All, I believe the number was six. Six aircraft carriers in our fleet all had more than 100 sailors with COVID 19. Phone edit: that's each ship - not combined
  3. Snakey, did you say anything? Your method has been tried and tried. I think it must be the big words Phone
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  5. I'm seeing on Telly, people turning up at food banks in nice Cars!!
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  7. For the NHS, Carers & all the volunteers!!
  8. Prefer sainsbury myself lol Probably all will be back to normal by the time we need to go to town
  9. I had an Email out of the blue from Tesco saying the Government had contacted them to say I was Identified as one such person. We got an 8 hour slot & our shopping will be here Sunday between 19:00 & 23:00. They'll also send another Email an hour before it's due. Morrison's however, who we use almost to the exclusion of the other big rivals have sent no such message!!
  10. Those clutching at straws again ,what wont happen?
  11. Just a recap of what our health secretary told the British people in January and here we are frightening. If this isn’t incompetence I do not know what is 10 out of 10 for being completely wrong . https://skwawkbox.org/2020/04/08/video-hancock-in-jan-uk-well-equipped-world-leader-in-cv-testing-and-nhs-well-prepared/
  12. I was wondering where you got your quote from and it was probably the BBC (enlighten us please) and stated what was below your quote which i then quoted ,whether any part of it is true is immaterial in that situation. As to brexit itself its in law there is nothing to believe other than it is Please tell me what vegatables are rotting in the ground and why do you think theres no foreigners to pick it? Until brexit is finalised at the end of the year foreigners coming are unefected and those already here ensured they wont be kicked out Any more falsehoods you would like to enlighten us on? Farmers are using their usual excuses to give the impression shelves will be empty ,its usualy frost or flood but now coronavirus can be used to inflate prices The british farmers etc only supply 50% of what we eat ,i am sure johny foreigner can put uk farmers out of business if we dont buy inflated priced uk goods and if they are deliberately ripping us off they deserve to go out of business Saw a bunch of growers whining no-one is buying flowers why dont they stop whining and grow veg in their massive greenhouses we cant eat roses but you can eat veg and under glass you get several crops a year ! Strange they dont have a problem picking flowers but strangely not veg,i am sure the thickest person could be trained its not difficult to pull a carrot or cut a lettuce Coronavirus (and especially brexit) should be a incentive to grow more food not the opposite ,i can see just over the road 80 acres with waist high grass that was cultivated in the 70's its probly raking in 'grants' not to grow anything so EU growers can supply us It used to grow potatoes 3 people max nowadays probably more back then hence either it couldnt compete employing more pickers or the grants paid the same or more than what the profit was ,rather than rewarding unproductive fields the owners should be fined ! Even a few head of cattle which need little maintenance but highly profitable will do or around here people are crying out for fields for horses involving little more than maintaining a fence or two!
  13. No that's what is in withdrawal agreement act ratified by parliament on Jan 29th this year and the EU on the 30th of Jan A no deal brexit is still the default position should no trade agreement be reached by Dec 31 2020 and no extension is agreed (which has to be done by July 1st).
  14. Wasn’t that in the brexpress won’t happen .
  15. Well unless both us and the EU agree to extend the transition period by the July 1st we're out agreement or not in which case WTO rules kick in
  16. Got ya in ya come Chester’s !!! being googling BBC !!! Naughty naughty and this is from the man who takes no notice of anybody else doesn’t believe anybody else Now the EU says we are dreaming it’s fantasy if a deal could be finalised by Christmas might be next Christmas probably many factors associated with this , probably no more than this pandemic not my words Chester’s from the horses mouth . They said it would be a minimum of 5 to 7 years to finalise everything minimum. And the farmers have been dragged out by people Being laid off because of this horrid virus , vegetables about to rot in fields with no foreign labour to pick it .But as the farmer said we have been saved this year but next we have a series problem any volunteers !!!! please put your name forward down below . ..... ..... ...... ......
  17. Its cods selective blinkers and not actually reading the artical in whole ,if he stole the quote below from the BBC just below it says "The UK is currently in a transition period after leaving the EU at the end of January - meaning it still abides by a number of the bloc’s rules. " Brexit is done ,its no more ,its over! its just down to sorting out the post brexit negotiations regarding trade etc What part of "after leaving the EU at the end of January" dont you understand ? Poor poor cod bless him just because a voice in his head tells him brexit didnt happen it must be true ,poor poor cod Will there be an EU left to negotiate with by the end of the year? He hasnt ever clocked hes posting in a thread telling him we have left!
  18. Brexit has happened, we're out, we just dealing with the trade negotiations in the transition period now.
  19. Chester clutching straws Yes !!!! It ain’t happening. Earlier, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove wrote to the Commons Select Committee on the future relationship with the EU, saying the structure of negotiations was “likely to change to reflect the current situation” and they were “exploring flexibility”. He added: “We remain in contact with the European Commission to explore alternative ways to continue discussions, and will be guided by scientific advice.” In other words !!
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  21. Poor poor cod still clutching at straws
  22. Brexit comes at the end of yesr not a chance but don’t say I told you so .
  23. Whaaat ! What papers do you read? Brexit comes at the end of the year the virus has nothing to do with it stop reading your headlines you told us they are lies you should be the first to follow your own advice! How many times do i have to say i dont believe anyone ,you appear to believe everything!
  24. So why are you replying whining You are doing exactly that , the Brexiteers are trying to blame the coronavirus on slowing our full departure they blame anybody but themselves.But what they keep saying consistently is it’s very much like the fishing industry is going to get it right where it hurts in the knackers what a result that will be home goal or what .But exactly as you have said many many times the government lie to us and won’t be Held accountable .
  25. Whoops the top eu scientist resigns because of the EU reactions to covid 19! boris's fault? Brexit?
  26. Why is it strange to talk of a thing that may well kill you over brexit that wont happen to the end of the year? If brexit isnt that important why do you continual whine about it? 19 hours ago you were whining as usual strange how you swerve from argument to argument when you believe your point scoring never mind i will be happy to point it out as well
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