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  2. Go read some books. Giovanni Gentile was a lifelong socialist right up until the point that he concluded that nationalism rather than class was the more effective way to implement his collectivist aims. Can't help but notice that you ignored EVERYTHING else in the post!
  3. CHESTERS1, Before your post gets stale I want to say I agree with you. It is not hard to remember when you live here there are 300 million guns in private ownership. Not to mention nearly 4 trillion rounds of ammunition. To put that in proper perspective 43 billion rounds were used by ALL sides in WWII. I Believe, without looking, about 1/2 of all states have "stand your ground" laws - very reassuring. Phone
  4. PHILO, Ha ha, - my cheap attempt to stir up fun trouble. You got me!! HOWEVER I must admit the passage was tucked in a contemporary article and Blew me away. Took me much longer to sort it than it took you. Phone
  5. Errrrrm ..... it 's an article that was published a little while ago - Aug. 6th, 1876, to be precise - around the time of the Battle of the Little Bighorn :-)
  6. Have heard of it as a practice in China - eg https://www.theatlantic.com/china/archive/2013/07/catching-fish-using-birds-stunning-images-of-a-dying-art-in-china/277798/#:~:text=For thousands of years%2C fishermen,still swallow some smaller fish. Very much doubt it's coming to the UK! C.
  7. The NAZIs were socialists because they had socialist in their name. By that logic the Democratic Republic of North Korea is a democracy. You are off your head. I suppose Hitler's sidekick Franco was another socialist too?
  8. Being in a rush to be first isnt good in my opinion in this situation ,britain tends to fall on its face when we rush
  9. ALL, The London News says: "A very curious sport is gaining ground in this country. The use of cormorants for fishing purposes has been practiced for centuries by the Chinese, who carefully train these birds to deliver their prey uninjured to their master instead of appropriating it to their own use, it has been brought to England. WHAT?? Phone
  10. double - admin please delete
  11. Nazism (National Socialism) is responsible for monstrous crimes against humanity but the clue is in the name - they viewed themselves as socialists. Points 10 to 25 of Hitler's 25 point plan could almost have been Bernie Sanders. They weren't just empty words either. They really did nationalise trusts and set up the Deutsche Arbeitsfront and the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt. Their authoritarianism stems from their collectivism, just as it does in communism or in religious theocracies.
  12. Chesters1, Can't say I'm sorry to say how happy I am to see the UK back in a traditional leadership role. Keep the world up to date will ya The U.K. approves Pfizer’s vaccine, becoming the first nation in the West to do so. Phone
  13. Not a lot else to do ,the potters wheel was very boring and saturday morning pictures just occurred on saturday morning lol. I wonder how modern kids would react if life suddenly went back to that ,most would have a very big shock i bet lol
  14. No-one told me we were supposed to stop!
  15. All, I suppose I am as guilty as any amature on the topic. In fact I refer to fascism when I should be critical of nazism. I despise both. Both are opposed to all individual abstractions and innovations. They do not believe in the possibility of "happiness" on earth. Let me clear, I am a liberal. I BELIEVE the best choice of governance is a sovereign republic state constitutionally dedicated to the establishment of socialism. Phone
  16. Last week
  17. Maybe getting some muck under our nails & eating bogeys when we were kids has built up some resistance?? It's what we kids did then, & for a reason although not known at the time.
  18. It's still prescribed fairly widely as an antiemetic - but obviously not for females of child bearing age. I know that it was being tentatively haled as a re-invented wonder drug a few years ago, but I've not been following it.
  19. We are all equal except those telling you this fact! All political systems and religious systems are the same, the ones on top pulling the strings of the rest on the bottom. How people cannot spot this amazes me, there is no freedom,there's no equality you get what you are given by the ruling elite and they can take it away in a second,its a scam its as bad as religeon where only a few "hear" god and get power from that lie to subjugate the rest . The church did it with brutality the government by cunning but they can go the brutality way if they have to and idiots give them this pow
  20. Only if the second one is uglier than the first one . When you decide to take a drug ,theres a long list of potential side effects in groups of possibility ,will we get one as we queue up to get the corona one .You can make a decision based on this though usually we read the paper after the fact That list in each packet was found over time the list will be extremely short in this case ,probably rounded up to sligh rash to death! The rest not discovered in the non existant years of trials and usage. I may wait a year to decide and then if no -one sprouts a second head know i may
  21. I was born 1956 & my Brother 1950 (we were both lucky with Mams choice not to take it) - Thalidomide has since been proven?? to have some efficacy in some skin cancers.
  22. Polycephaly is probably an overrated risk.
  23. FWIW, I only outlined what values the majority of Trumps base would identify with and that they are pretty much the antithesis of fascism. As to what fascism is, well the 20th century fascist play book is here. It's a short read (the print copy that I read was only 47 pages) and is a bit pompous and verbose, but the "hell no" bits kinda leap off the page early on. Setting itself against the liberal philosophies of the 19th century and proposing "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state" made my skin crawl.
  24. Yup we can all be cured of covid this month and by summer next year we all grow another head lol
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