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  2. The "magic money" is being printed, which means that high inflation is around the corner, which really ticks be off because for the first time in my life, I've got some money in the bank and don't really fancy seeing it wiped out.
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  4. No more gravy train to ride. How much of our taxpayers' money did you panhandle through EU schemes to refit your boat, Paul?
  5. It's probably still a bit cool for it to really kick off up in the water just yet John, but yes, groundbait and a splash when the float lands are what you want. This year, I'll be trying the Thai tactics in the UK, with a coil/method feeder suspended under a much bigger float and the hook just an inch or two from the feeder.
  6. Brexsick Bankruptcy and bankruptcy and bankruptcy . Latest official trade figures down 18% with the EU rest of world increase 0.4% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. And the millions lost to UK fishermen because of brexit just keep piling up . Lockers trawlers averaged £300,000 per landing for a trip and have lost 17 trips to date and counting since brexit day in January due to brexit quota giveaway by Boris Johnson to foreign boats . It’s running into 100s of millions of pounds lost U.K. wide. A national protest on the Thames is planned to get full media attention into the brexit failures by Boris Johnson government. Uk fisherman says 'crews will be worse off in 2021 than before they left the EU'
  8. Weird ! Shows how one track these internet warriors are ,why are the 'woke' ******* not spouting their bile and getting people sacked because the government are singling out the 'indian' population in a effort to help them get shots? If a race or ethnic minority was singled out for any other reason the ******* would be on the streets burning buildings ,singling out whether colour race or ability is racist or discrimitory under any circumstance strange how its ignored in this case Thinking about it its strange every other minority isnt out whining and placard-waving because they were
  9. Speaking of Boris's flat: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/26/len-mccluskey-repays-400000-unite-put-towards-his-flat
  10. Well thats lucky ,we now have the perfect chap to sort out these problems Radovan Karadzic is here to do the job the government cannot! Impeccable credentials unlike most .
  11. Martin, with you mentioning chub, last year I fished a club still water which has quite a lot of carp present. I was having a little play round catching the carp as a change from my regular river fishing and I enjoyed using floating bread. I set up a small bomb stopped by a shot several inches from the hook, although you could put the shot further down the line if you chose to. It just means that when/if you wind right down the bread will only sink to the distance between the shot and itself. That way I could cast out and the bread stayed on the surface with the bomb sliding down the line
  12. Just Carp - Big & small so far, I only fish commercials these days but can still see the potential for Chub on the river!! Sadly a thing of the past for me for health reasons. Caster still takes some whacking!!
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  14. Keep your ****ing beans we dont need 50 foot high illegal immigrants thank you very much.its bad enough the borders are wide open at sea level without having to keep an eye on clouds and rampant legumes !
  15. You make an assumption that “we” have similar hang ups to the U.K. originally joining the EEC as you obviously exhibit for the U.K. leaving. I don’t use the term EU simply because “We” never joined the EU, the EEC morphed into the EU without the comment, opinion and choice of the population. I am not the only person on here who has persistently stated that I am more concerned with what the EU will become than what the EEC (EU) was in the past, with particular regard to its continued expansion into former Soviet Bloc Countries and its expansion wishes into Africa to go toe to toe w
  16. I had a brief crack today at Ken's approach of having a very under-shotted float so only the better fish (with big enough mouths) would pull it under. It wasn't the right day for it, there were not enough fish biting, though I was pleased to catch a 1lb rudd on double maggot. The main thing I learned was the importance of groundbait up in the water. In the fist hour I didn't bother with groundbait as I thought the free offerings of maggot and bread would be enough. They weren't. But as soon as I put in a cloud of groundbait the swim woke up and the rudd moved in.
  17. Grove Pond 3.30-5.30pm My original plan was to catch roach on meat up in the water, but the roach weren't in evidence, except a few very small ones, and for a time the rudd were. My rudd pb is a hefty 2lb 2oz, but after that I think my best was a mere 9oz. So I was very pleased to catch a second best rudd at 1lb 0 oz. I had 5 rudd in all, a couple in the 6-7oz mark.
  18. Martin, interesting you haven't just had carp. What other species have you had on cat biscuits?
  19. So the plan was to spend half of the session at Willows, then cross the 10-yard causeway to Alders for the rest. But an hour in, with a 3lb 7 tench under my belt, I looked at myself in thick jumper, gilet and coat in mid-May and decided the cold north breeze in my face would be slightly less uncomfortable on my back and crossed the Rubicon early for slightly The decision was soon justified when my shivering stopped and out came a 4lb 1 tench. I calculated that after Tuesday's carp any by two fish today, that I'd overcome the affliction of so many missed bites. Wrong! In the next few hour
  20. I use a band on a hair and when attatched like that you can cast pretty much as far as you are able to and the bread stays on the hook and floats no problem. As I said, bread would be my choice over buiscuites.
  21. Denial denial denial brexit round and round you go .
  22. I've used Cat Biscuits with some success, especially those Fish shaped ones so the pellet band fits nicely around the middle part & won't come off until You take it off. They're small ('Cos they're for Cats) & will catch almost any good size surface feeding Fish.
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