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  2. Thank you for noticing the error and leading me, subtly to the edit!
  3. The will to makes us better or worse which will is it Ken ,and as this topic says should we have left the EU, by the way it’s going it’s no . .
  4. That's rich comming from someone who has rejected the democratically expressed will of the British people for four years.
  5. HUGH, Nice edit - thanks now you make me look like a jerk (often justified) Phone
  6. Today
  7. Spelt to perfection but a complete load of shite , It’s the well educated man but thick as **** see them all the time all the gear no .idea pathetic. and clueless .White settlers . Brexit not going well a fiasco great isn’t it but the very best is still to come .
  8. Not to you Ken but to the idiot you quoted, you really are a very sad bigoted jerk, why don’t you either a) support that “White Settler” comment with some evidence. b) educate yourself with the history of the place you call home or c) just clear off somewhere, anywhere and take your pathetic opinions and exceptionally bad grammar with you.
  9. And in our so called democratic society we have an unelected person in number 10 dressing down an elected representative of the crown , is that democratic .
  11. Oh sod you Ant, I now need professional help removing that image from my mind, does anybody know if I can remove a memory with a battery drill or should I drag out my dewalt SDS one?
  12. Why is that man wearing my grandmother’s curtains?
  13. Or have understood that, in a democratic system, the minority have to accept the wishes of the majority in order for the system to continue.
  14. Chesters1, Always good to brainstorm. I rather like ayjay's idea
  15. Carefull i can see that bulge in your nightshirt from here
  16. Or have reconsidered and decided the opposite and leave
  17. Are you confused that Robert Goodwill votes brexit he like many Tory’s are just towing line he voted remain . And again ken same as Tory and Lib Dem’s in Parliament Coalition labour and independent have control of Scarborough borough council not the Conservatives.have you got it now Full brexit letter leaked wow it’s getting really exciting now more facts unfold .Liz Truss cabinet minister is spilling the beans on the brexit fiasco that’s about to unfold and she doesn’t want to be made a scapegoat.Johnson , Cummins and Gove the fun boy 3 are lining her up but she ain’t having it she wants to bring the house down .
  18. Did someone mention suspenders? ....oh chesters in suspenders nevermind.
  19. Ah, I must have been confused by the 14 conservative councillors v 13 labour councillors.
  20. Funny didn’t Robert Goodwill Conservative MP for Scarborough ,Whitby and Filey vote remain not brexit . he is from a farming family and sorry ken again it is a labour controlled council not conservative . Just for the record ken these were Conservative MP Robert Goodwill’s own words. If you vote to remain in Europe, it is clear what you’re voting for. Our trade links with a reformed Europe and the wider world will grow; we’ll keep on working with our neighbours to make our country safer; and Britain will continue to help set the rules of the market of 500 million people on our doorstep. https://www.robertgoodwill.co.uk/news/eu-referendum
  21. Well, you are in the fortunate position of having a conservative MP who has generally voted against more EU integration and a conservative council.
  22. Booming in Whitby we are the lucky ones and you do realise ken Whitby has being voted number one for white settlers Trying to move here . On business in York yesterday dead half the shops shut many pubs closed shocking to see this time of year in York it’s normally heaving but they do get many foreign visitors to there great city .Brexit will finish it off proper . Hiw much has the economy shrunk isn’t it 21% then we have the great brexit take your money out of the bank I would do it now before it’s to late . Worst recession for 300 hundred years Looms and we march on with brexit brilliant to watch absolutely brilliant over the cliff we go . Massive tax rises coming , pensions cut Austerity for years and years yes that’s the reality facing us all and we did not need brexit at this time .
  23. Hes a boat owner but unfortunately most people using boats are heading here not there!
  24. Not facts - opinions. The clue is in the name. As for the UK being on it's knees, why haven't you left yet then?
  25. Thats better now you throw money down the drain on a usable boat! Top tip check the bilge pump ,second tip fit a second one they are the only thing stopping the water outside staying inside! Two circuits or better still directly wired to the battery on a float switch PS get rid of the flag or SJW's will spit at you , that's anti bame or whatever is on the menu this week, Thunberg could send her goons in aswell
  26. The extra food might be a good thing, although the extra angling pressure won't do it any good. No idea what effect Covid19 will have on the river though, maybe it will blow bubbles and flow back uphill .
  27. I thought it was a bad american football team
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