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    Thinking about it - must have been another forum I was on (which I no longer use) alongside A.N.
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    Phone, the float is only 3 gram and I shot it simply byusing four or 5bb's. I have one dropper shot about 6 to 8 inches up from the hook and bulk the rest about 12 or so inches above the dropper. I can vary the shot as the session goes on by sliding them up and down the line. I rarely ever faff about with fiddly set ups and for the most of my trotting I simply fish 6lb mono straight through to the hook. The majority of anglers would say I fish way to heavy, some call it crude. At the end of the day (crude or not) it works alreet for me . Obviously there are situations where I do scale right down if the fish i'm targetting pay more attention to anything out of the ordinary/suspicious but i rarely fish for those kind'a species.
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    Hardly worth posting this as it's just regurgitating more of the same of my latest posts but heres a pic of a couple of the chub anyhow...
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    Silly that was me ,we have to even stage that aswell!
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    New years day and I had to go and try for some chub....mission accomplished.... Forgot to mention i got my first fish of 2020 on my very first trot :).
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    ALL Hoarfrost on my back chain link fence. (circa 1975 - 78?) My favorite Phone
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    Well Gozzer, it has been a long time but, if you go back to the earlier parts of the thread you will see that some contributors were merely grasping at headlines and posting up a link to rather dubious headlines without reading the entire of the text or indeed having any understanding what so ever on what process or whatever was behind the actual decisions made. Some posters would post a link to an article and, after it was proven that the content was untrue would continue to post links to differing media publications saying the same thing almost as if the accuracy of any report is proven by and directly proportionate to the number of differing outlets within it is referenced. If you look now you will see that...... OH BUM!
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    All, Whatever Martin is going on about doesn't seem to affect me either. However, my "fact checker" does highlight in red when phrases like "sometimes i ramble away saying some thing"... it changes the "sometimes" to" ALWAYS. Phone
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    You said scallop boats drag wrecks about on the seabed ! Prove it
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    Poor poor cod ,cannot even comprehend who he is replying to poor !poor cod Still waiting for poor poor cods evidence of wrecks being dragged about by cocklers ,got a link you have one for everything else or did a "mate" tell you?
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    Yes I do & we still have a few of those at work except the word "backs" has another word in its place Lol.
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    Never used open auctions as a guide use sold listings and then remember if two bidders really really want a reel the price will be far above another one the next day bid on by the loser if hes alone Rhttps://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=mitchell+300a&_in_kw=1&_ex_kw=&_sacat=0&LH_Sold=1&_udlo=&_udhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_sargn=-1%26saslc%3D1&_salic=1&_sop=12&_dmd=1&_ipg=50&LH_Complete=1 And collectors are not after run of the mill versions going cheap they want boxed ones in mint conditions ,the only time they buy poor condition reels is the time they are so rare you grab one to tick a box then hope you can get a better one later or prototypes or limited run reels that worth grabbing at any cost or condition As to the name we call them "reels" or if pushed fixed spool reels ,we dont call a cat a tiger to give the impression its different from what it is lol I have a couple of hundred intrepids that are worthless so not sold on but kept for parts or bought as part of a bundle just to get a particular one i want As to americans not collecting them (wink) https://mitchellreels.ourboard.org/about.html
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    That's because this was a general election and that was a referendum - and "The Conservative Party" wasn't an option on the referendum ballot sheet.. So presumably, the Lib Dems did really well and won the election - Oh wait. WTF are you smoking?
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    If the hole in the starlock washer is too small to SNAP over (Note they are starlock & not just star) the hole can be eased out with a round diamond coated Needle file till it does. It won't drill because the slots will jam up the drill bit.
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    Maybe the 8 Lb Line or Fuse wire & a Blob of Epoxy?? Or solder if Fuse wire. Get the wire out of a 13 or 5 amp Fuse (the end caps come off easy with pliers) if you don't have any loose on those card coils. Remember, back in old Fuse Box days!! A 40 amp wire might be better?? There are some 2 & 3 mm StarLock washers on the Bay which may do the trick?? They pop over the end so grip just like a circlip!!
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    Yes, but Corbyn's Labour Party got two and a half million less votes than they did in 2017 - a 20% drop off in votes. They were utterly rejected by their own traditional voter base, a proportion of whom transferred their votes to Boris's conservative party. Best of it is, the stigma of voting Conservative is now disappearing from many northern communities and the whole idea of generational voting patterns is falling apart. Labour literally have nowhere to turn, a Knighted, multimillionaire London Barrister isn't going to reclaim the working class for them and neither is a ""woke" remoaner who cares more about trans rights than the ability of poor families to put food on the table.
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    Is it similar enough to file the original to fit? Or fit the originel and use originel spools?
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    Spares here for many reels https://jimsreelshop.co.uk/epages/50de3a2f-b72e-4eac-861b-30c18ef9512f.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/50de3a2f-b72e-4eac-861b-30c18ef9512f/Categories/Imprint http://www.jackfish.net/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Mitchell_Parts_Diagrams_172.html
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    People can sit and analyse the votes as much as they like, they can add on Uncast votes here there and everywhere if it floats their boat. In simple terms there was a referendum to decide if the U.K. should switch to PR and the result was NO. Equally simplistic was the referendum to leave the EU and the result was to Leave. Then there were requests to have another Referendum on multiple occasions that were rejected by Parliament. It then went to the U.K. electorate in a General Election. Now, after the leave vote was, once again confirmed by majority they want to go back and change the PR vote! But still a few wish to change every referendum and election that did not go in their favour simply because they are right and the majority are wrong! Personally I can see why those who follow that train of thought support the EU. After all, it is what the EU think that matters to them, the fact that the EU leaders are not elected nor govern by mandate of any majority is insignificant, and yet they continue to find reasons why any democratic vote is not, well, democratic! Oh well, 14 days and counting.
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    Of course my conscience is clear Paul, why shouldn’t it be. I voted for the only logical, viable option, not for promises of fairy tales and unicorns. I have explained who I voted for, and why I voted for her. Unlike you who refuse to say how/if you voted. The only thing you have admitted is that you refused to vote against Brexit in the earlier election, choosing fairy tales and unicorns instead. That could explain some of the content in your recent posts. Your understanding of the difference between an election and a referendum is similar to Nicola Sturgens. Because the snp won nearly all the seats she says there had been a big swing towards independence, not admitting that they only got 45% of the vote, almost the same number they had in the Independence referendum. John
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    Barry, I don’t know why you are discussing this. It’s become obvious that either Paul has lost the plot, or his account has been hacked by a 10 year old. I’ve never met a sane adult that starts a post on a serious debate with, ‘burp burp’ , or posts images of unicorns to prove his point. John
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    Very nice pic's Ian (Nice float as well LOL) Looks like a Carbon stem??
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    I had a couple of hours way down the tidal stretch on a large river today. The river was carryiing to much water to wade comfortably in chest waders let alone my thhight waders. Anyhow, luckily I could cast across to a smooth glide and was able to mend the line well enough to keep my float on the right line. After several trotts through I hooked a nice chub. A couple more chub and then I started hooking some pretty decent bream. No idea what the tally was at the end but I had a good few fish, a few pics....
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    I must admit i'm getting kinda worried about this $hit that's gonna hit some fan that Cod has been warning us about for the last few years. It must have built up to a turd the size of Mount Everest by now, and it's taking quite a while to get here, did it orginate from beyond the asteroid belt? The poor fan doesn't stand a chance or is this fan actually a wind farm off the coast of Whitby?
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    Let's just hope nobody got you on their phone & you're soon to be on YouTube!! (If not already) Wouldn't that be awful. We can all Laugh now we know you're home (& Hosed) safe!!. Can have 16 to 20 foot right under your feet on the River Derwent, just the other side of York from Leeds. That's Sliding float stuff, for those who can do it - I never could be bothered with it so fished maggot/groundbait feeder. Method Feeder was unheard of in the 1970's - on the rivers anyway. River fishing was the mainstay of most of us back in the day.
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    That did make me laugh Martin :). you are right though, I have been using those wire stemmed Map bolo floats for the majority of my trotting for months now! They are great little floats and the wire stem makes them cast well. No need for a whip round though :), I have loads of floats, just have to use a different one next time out to spice the pic's up LOL.
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    Kennet & Avon Canal - Enborne 0800 - 1630 Cool and overcast morning, bright sunny afternoon. AT 4º - 8ºC but felt cooler in the breeze! 9 Perch; Most around 12+oz but nothing over 1¼lb, 1 Pike; 2lb. 1½doz Roach, 2 Dace & a Gudgeon. Another session after big stripeys and just like most of my catches further downstream fish of a remarkably similar stamp. Started off with Pike trouble - got bitten off first cast - and landed it (same one!) second - so I got my hook back. ALL perch dawn and dusk.
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    How much do you pay per ltr for your boat fuel?
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    Hopefully skippy gets through it all unscathed 😬
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    That would be great Elton - even having a computer means having to use the Microsoft Picture Manager to reduce the file size to get them on here. (It's the only way I know)
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    Perhaps they voted against teresas deal because it meant the EU still had power over us? Perhaps they will do the same because boris version is the same? The express is an discrace an embarrasment to britain hmmm i will remind you of that when you use it to back up one of your opinions in a few days time
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    Cods not going to be fair ,hes narked the labour party didnt get in And we are already creeping to the EU to be forgiven ,hes only interested in cheap fags and holidays ,the idiot thinks brits only ever holiday in the EU when thats far from reality ,they holiday in countries not self interested ,uncompetative dictatorships run by germany and france If he wants to party in spain with loud mouth lobster coloured brits he can even after we leave the EU ,spain wont just let all that lucrative brit money disapear despite what the EU says
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    And thats problem number one the EU is a trading bloc they decide who we trade with and the terms under which we do it still dousnt get round the fact we trade more outside the EU than within it despite it annoying you Dont you see the EU makes us non competitive ,we cannot undercut germany by buying cheaper .its anti competition which is about the worse scenario you can imagine in trade
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    Phone, the rod is a good un, I used the 15ft 6inch one last time out and today I used the 13ft 6incher. The rods have a spliced tip and apparently they were made specifically for river fiahing having a super fast action. In all honesty they are good rods but I have others which I prefer. The fish realy did flop out the net after i'd put the handle down to get a disgorger out of my pocket, it wasn't a monster chub, but it was a pretty decent one of iwhich i'd hazard a conservative guess at it being 5lb. As I said, not massive at all but for where I was fishing that was a big un!
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    Managed to get to the river at 2pm this afternoon, anyhow it had dropped off to a decent level after yet more floods and so I was hoping to catch some chub. I had no sign of a bit for half an hour and then the float went under at about 60yds downstream. As it was my first, and possibly only bite I took my time playing/guiding it back upstream. The fish stayed out in the centre of the river as is allowed me to draw it back without too much pressure. It didn't try to go into the banking as tge chub usually do and stuck to the bottom just like a barbel so I thought it might be one until I put enough pressure on to bring it up to the surface. Anyhow it was a very nice chub which I netted and put on the bank for a few seconds while I got a disgorger out my pocket to unhook it. As I fiddled about for the disgorger the fish flapped about and somehow flopped out the net and rolled back in the river. I thought its ok i'll just wind it back in but when I picked up the rod the hook was in the net lol, so no pic of the biggy chub ! After that I had no more bites in that swim and moved to another where I had a few smaller chub. As soon as they dried up I moved again for a few more, no big ones but some where decent and put up a decent scrap. I think i'd had eleven at the end of the session which was at 3.54pm as it was pretty much dark!
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    Mystic Meg move over, there is now Mystic Clod. Nobody knows the actual date of the Budget but Mystic Clod already knows what’s in it! I wonder if his predictions on the Ian Duncan Smith petition will match his predictions on the petition for the ‘People’s Vote’ or perhaps his predictions on Article 50 being cancelled. Perhaps even closer to Teresa May being ‘out by the end of the week’, month or whatever. I guess he still has to realise that his hopes on a second referendum have been allowed and held. Those hoping for remain yet again being in second place. But everybody has, can still, change their minds I guess! Was that a repeated prediction?
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    Guys & Gals (yes, I'm somewhat in the Christmas spirit) I'm just turned 63 but never heard this wonderful voice till tonight!!
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    Its not my claptrap its yours ,you said small wrecks are being dragged along by scallopers I quote: S "Posted October 26, 2016 (edited) Hugh there has been 20-30 boats from all the uk working between and Scarboroughand Whitby that's over 25+ miles out from 3 mile which is now banned at the moment except for few local boats now 6 miles out to the 12 miles that's many many square miles these boats have been working , some of the dredges have had 10 dredges per side Hugh horsepower the only thing that would stop them is a large wreck they have so much power I have even seen small wrecks even being actually draggged along the seabed and are no longer in there original gps position ." How did you see them? Does your boat have cameras? Show us the footage please If your so concerned for the eco system why are you taking small cod before they can breed ? If your so concerned for the eco system why are you burning thousands of £ of diesel to do it?
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    All, C L O S E -- I would like the chance to post my 54000th worthless post but I'm overwhelmed, no clue what to say Phone
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    Before you write it off as a "joke" most foreigners have a criminal element and they always have (putting our poor criminals out of work) as i said nothing is new only the faces doing it ,jews christians and moslems they are all at it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yiddishers https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messina_Brothers As i have said before they come here under the pretext they are picked on back home then try and change the country to exactly the same as back home unfortunately we are to stupid to stop it so soon it will be a country turned into a foreign one and we can only blame ourselves by not stopping it Whos country it will be will only be decided with blood but breeding your way in is another option
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    course i don't mind looks pretty good
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    Never can’t be Boris 🤥🤥🤥🤥Johnson strikes again he stands on the podium addressing the Nisan workers before the General Election and then blatantly lies to them till he is blue in face to get there vote Just how will those 7000 Nisan workers and the 1000s and 1000s in the supply chains will be feeling now didn’t take long to shaft his northern voters .😩😡 https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/chancellor-sajid-javid-backtracks-boris-17593151
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    Are you sure it isn’t you who is clueless .https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/company-tax/anti-tax-avoidance-package/anti-tax-avoidance-directive_en https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/is-the-anti-tax-avoidance-directive-the-reason-the-rich-want-out-of-eu-1-5669763
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    Still nothing on this miracle after brexit 🤫 So what happens to all the quota purchased by U.K. fishermen millions and millions of pounds of it now who pays for that it’s a hornets nest . You still don’t get it fishing will be traded off egg on your face it’s coming 20-30 thousand fishermen in the fishing industry compared to billions and billions running the through city which is our biggest earner. Fishing was used as tool to get the public to vote brexit it was a con trick by the selfservatives. Brexit financial disaster to Britain. https://www.businessinsider.com/brexit-will-cost-uk-more-than-total-payments-to-eu-2020-1 And those who shout no deal brexit especially in Sunderland who voted strongly for brexit god help them turkeys voting for Christmas YES ? Self harm on an industrial scale . https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/nissan-review-future-sunderland-plant-case-no-deal-brexit Brexit is the biggest con trick to the man in the street in the history of britain Arron Banks who has a vast amount of cash in offshore accounts he bankrolled brexit ask yourself one very simple question WHY here’s why . These wealthy Conservative supporters would be aware that in June 2016 the European Council adopted the Directive (EU) 2016/1164 laying down rules against tax avoidance practices within the EU – but they don’t want you to know that. It is also likely that the big business interests lie behind the lack of media publicity on this issue strange one that how convenient.🤫 https://www.thenational.scot/news/16066066.letters-is-eu-tax-avoidance-crackdown-the-reason-for-brexit/
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    What does the headline say , No need to subscribe this coming from a pro business paper looks like labours policy is in agreement with business who would have thought .
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    Brexshit and **** and **** and more and more **** 😂 https://fullfact.org/online/viral-brexit-costs-post-wrong/
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    So Sphugh what are you actually saying no cuts in the armed forces 😂 socialist militant sources you say next you ****s, next will be telling me brexit has given us all a surplus at times there wasn’t enough cash in the pot to fuel the ships we actually have that’s how bad this Tory government run the navy to . https://www.forces.net/services/army/army-half-capable-after-budget-cuts-says-former-chief
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