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    Hi Phone The only rods of 7ft or less that I have ever owned (and still do) are a couple of very light spinning rods plus a light dropshotting rod; but I would find it almost impossible to use any of these rods to trot a light float straight along a glide or gully 15ft or more away from my bank and downstream in a straight line, let alone striking cleanly through a float as it journeyed downstream with the line lying on the surface behind it. I have several different length and different strength float rods which I use when trotting for various fish species; 11ft, 12ft, 13ft, 14ft 6in, 15ft and for the very occasional time when I need to trot very tight along the far bank below the rod tip for big roach on a local stream or I’m float fishing in a deepish swim; an older 17ft/20ft float rod, but I don’t think I would even consider using anything shorter than 11ft for trotting; and a 7 footer would definately not be my choice if I’m trotting. That 15ft 6in Sphere rod that Ian used looks just the ticket. Keith
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    Hello Kieth, I noticed it was rain forecast for the rest of the week so the rivers will be even higher, ok for legering but no good for trotting so I spied my chance and got out yesterday. It's thrashing down right now! The rod is the longer version of the 13 ft 6 inch sphere spliced tip rod I got a couple of months back, this one is the 15 ft 6 inches spliced model and it's the longest rod i've ever had. It was nice to use and i'm looking forward to giving it a propper test in the warmer months. The extra length did make mending the line and keeping the float in the right lane easier....not as much stretching etc.
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    I had a couple of hours using a quivertip today, just a change from trotting for once. To be honest me shoulders and neck are wreckin so that was the real reason for the change. I only fished for a couple of hours up to dusk and had about 14 or 15 chub, no big fish with them all being very much the same as the one in the pic. They were very sneaky and I had to hold the rod in my hand and actually strike to hook them! I reckon I would have had a hell of a lot of them if I had used the float.
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    That's good to hear John, thanks. As I'm getting older I've thought about some of the regular members from when I joined nearly 14 yrs ago, and how they are now. Names like Poldark, Ferret, DavyR, Budgie, Snatcher, Nurse Judy, Worms, Kleinboet, Chris Goddard etc. There are too many to mention, but it would be nice to hear how they are if anyone is still in touch with them. It's sad that so many have left the forum, it used to be such a lively place, if a bit argumentative, at times. John.
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    No ones mentioned it's still possible to use a spade end and a hair rig, I do. From about a 16 up. I also often tie an eyed hook with spade knot after passing the line through the eye. Depends what hooks are available and what I'm doing at the time. I also have way too many hooks. Put that in the other forum to add to the fun. (I don't use any other forum for my fishing but here) I use an old matchman hook tyer in plastic but have just ordered, well about two months ago, one made in gold coloured metal from wish. (Just in case I drop it and can't see it, i tell myself) I still use a 50 year centrepin for Carp fishing as well as trotting, but wouldn't even consider using a 50 year old cane rod. It's what works for you on the day.
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    Let 'em get on with it Ian, the guys on this forum can tie spade end hooks - End of!!
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    Newt is certainly still in the land of the living, but apparently he's decided to off on his own for a while.
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    I've never had a problem with anything Drennan, my best rods are Drennan Red range. I have had problems with NGT and Aitken, NGT in knots pulling and massive tails. Aitken in tangling. I also find NGT are sized wrong, you often see 16 & 14 identical and others too and generally they're a least a size wrong compared to Drennan. Having bought NGT in bulk across the range I'm stuck with them for a while. I guess not all bargains are bargains. I'm not a match fisherman so can afford the few minutes to check and re tie on the bank.
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    Got to the river just before 2pm today, it was up from the recent rains and the colour of a stirred up puddle of muddy water, not good! The purpose of the trip out was to try and christen a recently acquired 15tf 6inch rod. Anyhow, the rod proved to be great to use and it made mending the line and controlling the float easy. I might as well have arrived at the river at 3.38pm as that was when I caught the first of only two fish landed, the first of which was a trout. A few more trotts downstream and I hooked what I think was a chub which came off, a couple more trotts through produced the fish in the picture. At 4.05 I hooked something substantial which swam slowly upstream until level with me, but as I tried to bring it to the surface to see what it was the hook pulled out before I caught sight of it! At that point it was too dark to see the float so having christened the rod I made my way home.
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    K&A Canal - Woolhampton 1330 - 1615 Bright & breezy - with one very lumpy shower. AT 10º ->6ºC 7 Perch; 5 over 1lb, best 3, 1lb 9oz, 1lb 11oz & 2lb 2oz. Similar conditions to Friday's session though slightly LESS windy. Fished a different swim and had all 3 bigger ones in the last half an hour - getting progressively bigger. All 3 had damaged flanks, seems they've all escaped the attentions of the local pike!
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    It's a sign that he's finally admitting that carp are nothing special, and just another coarse fish. He is, after all, part carp. John.
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    All My annual update for 2020 Have a great time on AN Phone
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    No problems getting bites using live maggots Martin. Funny enough i've never had any luck with dead ones, infact as soon as my maggots look stretched out and dead I replace them with fresh riggly ones, wrigglier the better. I actually prefer older maggots that i've had in and out of the fridge a few times and so have got hardened off to cold temp's so they live longer on the hook.
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    I've had a look at the thread on the forum, and some of the member seem rather anal with their comments. AN is the only forum I'm a member of, as I don't think I would last long on any of the others, unless I bit my tongue, and sat on my hands. As to the actual subject, I use spade hooks up to size 8 with no problem. I prefer a larger fine wire hook for fishing bread flake for roach, and it gives the option of pulling to straighten the hook if you latch onto a nuisance carp. I use a method of tying that the late Dick Walker suggested in an article years ago. I've no idea what it is called, but although I can't tie them in the dark as Dick Walker suggested, I do find it very easy to tie. My fingers aren't as nimble as they once were, but I can still hold size 12 and bigger in my thumb and forefinger, for smaller hooks I grip them in long forceps, and grip those between my knees. The thing I like about this knot, is that when tightening up, you pull the tag end, not the main hook length, and thus ensure that there's no chance of a 'pigs tail' on the hook length. As cameraman says, the tag end can be used as a hair if you want it. Whether I use a spade or eyed hook is basically down to the target species, the bait being used, the nature of the swim, as well as the clarity of the water, and presentation needed. Since getting back on the bank the other year, I have bought some ready tied hooks, mainly for convenience, but have found that the Kamasan hooks were prone to unravel if you have to use a disgorger a few times on them. It could be a bad batch, or the type of disgorger, but I'm wary of using them now. John. PS, I also prefer the line coming off the inside of the spade, and don't recall having any problems with it.
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    I'm seeing now - could be actually Glass Fibre & Maybe not Asbestos after all as I first suspected?? (Though some were) Better safe than sorry.
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    Martin, I just take hooks, shot, disgorgers, scissors/snips, headlamp and a tub of maggots. Folding anding net goes on my back or in my hand with the bucket of bait and my rod and reel goes in the other hand. I don't bother with a seat or anything like that. If your on public transport you could get a multi section travel float rod from Youngs or a shakey one. The6 sell for little money on ebay.
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    I still have two of the Shakespeare hand warmers which you put lighted charcoal blocks into which still work, plus a few charcoal refills. The ones that Martin showed us do look good though. Keith
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    River Kennet - Hambridge 0945 - 1330 Cold (2 - 5ºC) and quite sunny. River high (well over a foot up on my last visit here in Sep) but with very little colour. 3 Chub; 5lb 7oz, 4lb 10oz &1¾lb, 2 Grayling, 1 Dace & 3 Brownies to circa 1lb. Cracking brace of chub from one of my favourite flood water pools. Fish in splendid winter condition. Wished I'd brought a spinning rod with me - a pike kept attacking my float as I reeled in (but not any of the fish!)
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    My mrs would never buy me anything i can use lol
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    I don't spool enough line either, but she was stuck for things to buy me. She also bought me this hand warmer - USB charged & can be switched On/Off at will. 3 heat settings up to 60 degrees - just tried it out of the box & it's good. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjr7qn0iJLmAhVBsO0KHS-AAIEYABAUGgJkZw&sig=AOD64_072rCza7m3CqSqiu3TsFH_UPEwXQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwia-aL0iJLmAhVHfMAKHThxDrkQ9aACegQICxA0&adurl=
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    I'll show you again Mike, this time you can tye one infront of me, several times :).
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    I would need Saturn V rockets strapped to my arms to get off the ground
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    I've never used one of those hook tyers, I manage ok by hand. I know it's not a race but to be honest I think I can tye them much quicker by hand. Handy vid for people wanting to use a tyer Martin . I'm amazed at the comments people are posting on the other forum, claiming the spade cuts through the line, the line should go behind the spade etc.....bonkers comes to mind!
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    I don't tie hooks anymore but, when I did, I could also tie them perfectly well by hand. (without a hook tying device) Yes I've used hook tiers as well & also made them from a wooden spring clothes peg with a panel pin (head nipped off) knocked in the side to loop the line around & the front of the peg flattened off for a closer grip on the hook bend. Spade End wins hands down for plain hooks to Nylon. Make sure the line finishes on the INSIDE of the shank as spade ends turn outwards & so can otherwise cut the line. Like this ........ (for anyone new to spade end tying) OK the line looks thick, - maybe for Demo' purposes?
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    I've only been using spade end hooks for about 16yrs and always slagged them off up until then. The real reason for slaggiing them off was because I was repeating the nonsense that i'd been told about them and because I didn't know how to tie one on lol. My m8 showed me how to tie one and since that day i've always used them. The way they hang on the line, how the line comes away from them, how the knot is hidden along the shank etc is imo all way better than an eyed hook. If I tie on an eyed hook nowadays it just looks awful and that's not because i've made a shitty job of the knot. I usually use a palomar or a uni/grinner and they're both nice neat knots but being plonked on top of the eye just doesn't look good.
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    Let’s get brexit done 😳 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/election-latest-brexit-dominic-raab-seat-liberal-democrats-esher-walton-a9217746.html
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    Nice to hear the Ruffe (Tommies) seem to be doing OK in some parts of the country. They used to be Match winners on tough days on the Yorkshire rivers. I came 3rd with 4 1/2 oz (all Tommies) on the Leeds Amalgamation Fur & Feather back in the 70's (I was drawn at Dunsforth I think?) - 300+ Anglers and won the princely sum of £36, a bottle of sherry & a chicken for also winning my section. I lost a silver fish about 3 or 4 oz which would have won outright. 6 3/4 oz won it!! My apprentice Engineers weekly wage was then about £12. 3 weeks wages then - Thank you very much! I was under age & had to wait outside the pub for the result!! Geoff Lister came out & told me the result. Gozzer - do you remember him??
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    Thats true and ofcourse bolstered by the notion its "good" for us! Our bus company changed its schedule "for our benefit" in essence they removed 2 buses a day (to increase being on time as the bus route was split in half aswell ) so when one doesnt turn up you wait an hour and twenty minutes instead of an hour for the next one lol it also costs more to travel on the two buses that now cover the old route! For our benefit ofcourse!
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    Mark Twain once said "If voting made any difference - Do you think they would let us do it".
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    Just 14000. your not past saving!
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    I have to say Ian, you have sexier Pins than Cyd Charisse.
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    Thanks Keith :). The river had dropped off but was still a little high for my liking. We have some rain forecast so i'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain enough to swell the rivers again. the reel does look colourful in that light, it's the okuma raw II. I've had it for a few years now and it's a great reel to use.
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    I started to trott the float down the river at 2.15pm today and had four chub in the first five trotts through, should have been five chub but the fifth one came off. Obviously i'd dropped straight on a shoal of fish. The session continued to be good after my first swim dried up and I caught well in the next few spots I tried. There was nothing big although something that felt very much like a barbel came off. There were some decent ones amongst them, and they all pulled back hard for their size. I counted to twenty fish and reckon I had another eight to ten more, so it was quite a productive session.....very enjoyable :). Due to the cloudy skyies and the sun going down the float became difficult to see at 3.30 and by 3.55 I just couldn't see it any further than 10yds away. I made my way back to the wheels just in time, as no sooner had I got to the car and the rain started. A pic of the first five trotts worth, I lost the fifth one don't forget lol....
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    I usually try to find large boils on the surface usually indicating underwater obstructions which have often caught me a Barbel in flood conditions, and creases In the flow which have also caught me a few bonus fish as the fish often seem to hold out in the slightly slacker side of the crease darting in and out of the faster water to pick up food as it washes past; and also in backwaters or slacks, but you have to expect It to be a lot harder until the colour has started to drop out of the water. Keith
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    Find the slackest water you can & drop a worm in with a bomb down the edge - sit back, enjoy the scenery (but not too much) & wait for the rod to slam round. It WILL happen!!
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    Off topic a little bit but; When I lived in Helston in Cornwall many years ago (when based at RNAS Culdrose) I used to put one or two no4 shot on 3lb line then hook half a worm on a size 14 hook and then let the current wash the worm downstream about 6 or 7 yards, then slowly retrieve it upstream along the bottom; my fridge and freezer always had a few trout in them for my breakfasts.
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    I'm not surprised you're puzzled Phone, you want to try living here. The thing is, a large section of the UK general public are being played. Played by politicians, the media, in fact anyone with a 'platform' that allows them to either shout out their personal views, or regurgitate the views of other 'players'. Some are unaware that they are being used in this way, others decide that it's easier to copy, or repeat other peoples views, than spent valuable time trying to formulate their own. If enough people say the same thing, then it becomes regarded as a fact in their minds, and needs repeating to further strengthen the 'fact'. It's a tactic that as been in use a long time, but as with most things that become popular over your side of the water, you take it up another level, and send it over here. The art of debating has been lost, now we copy your lot, and just 'bad mouth' the opposition, because we can't think of any provable positives about our own candidate. We've just had a TV debate, and it's been said that it was watched by 6 million viewers, it was followed by a crappy so called reality show, that commands 10 million viewers. People don't need to listen to a debate involving the main parties, they can get the gist of what was said from the media, and social networks. Some even watch a debate, and then go to social media to find out what their opinion should be! I realise that I haven't really answered you question, (that often happens on here). The reason is that only those who pull the strings really know, and you can bet that the long term answer won't be for the benefit of the ordinary person on the street. They all lie. John.
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    Blimey, how cold was it in the wind today!! I only fished the last hour of daylight again today and I really don't think I would have fished any longer anyhow, the wind was strong and bonechillingly cold! All I caught was a few small cub and a very large dace, but I was happy enough with the result, all things considered :).
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    Spare of the minuite trotting sesh today as the river had dropped off to a just fishable level. If the rain holds off for a few days it should look much better. Anyhow, the fish seemed pretty scarce but I did catch a few chub, nowt to get excited over but better than blanking...
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    River Kennet Carrier & Weirpool - Marsh Benham 0900 - 1400 Cool 6ºC, overcast and still - a lovely benign autumn's day! River 'full' with little colour more like late winter levels than late autumn - augurs well for the rest of the season! 6 Chub 5 over 2½lb - best 3lb 8oz. 20 Roach - all a 'nice size' best 13oz with many not far shy of that. 7 Dace. 3 Brownies all 2lb+ and 2 Rainbows - both around 3lb (could have been the same fish!) Very pleasant morning's trotting - great to see so much water in the river so early in the winter - the fish have by and large moved up into the carrier and the summer weeds has gone.
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    Martin, Nonsense ! Stiffen yer upper lip mate. Sorry about your Mum - it's never easy doesn't matter the years. As for fishing do-dad ideas you've come across one of the better ideas I've seen. Most such ideas end up getting under my skin. Know what I mean?? Phone
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