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LRA & River Wylye - 21-22/08/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 25 November 2010 · 4,885 views

Firstly I must apologise for being so behind in blog entries - I have been quite busy and was also away for the past month. I'm determined to catch up however so here's the start of many more to come...!This weekend had been allocated towards a fishing trip in Wales which I had been looking forward to all week. Sadly and annoyingly, the deluge...


Chew Magna - 19/08/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 05 October 2010 · 5,915 views

Couldnít make my mind up where to fish so I decided to be lazy and fish the reservoir for the Rainbows. To be honest my heart wasnít really in it and it didnít come as a great surprise that I blanked.


Bristol Avon - 17/08/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 29 September 2010 · 5,600 views

New stretch of the Bristol Avon fly fishing for Chub. Wasnít a great session really. Despite the fact I could see lots of Chub the deluge which greeted me soon after I arrived seemed to put them down and they just werenít interested. Eventually tempted a nice fish but stupidly tried to hand land it in the water. It spooked and the hook pulled! Oh well...


Ullapool - 09 - 15/08/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 28 September 2010 · 5,605 views

A weekís holiday with family in the north of Scotland near Ullapool. Unsurprisingly I managed to fit in some fishing where I could! The scenery, wildlife and fishing were fantastic, the weather unfortunately less so but it didnít really dampen spirits.On the long drive North I stopped off at Pitlochry to have a punt at fishing the Tummel, something Ií...


Bristol Avon - 03/08/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 02 September 2010 · 4,935 views

Despite slightly cloudy weather and a drop in temperature I decided to have another go at the Bristol Avon with the fly rod but also with the aim of finding some good spots to coarse fish. The river had dropped since my last visit and looked like it could do with a significant amount of rainfall to breathe some life into it. However, the low water meant t...


Bristol Avon - 27/07/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 27 August 2010 · 122 views

A very enjoyable evening on the Bristol Avon spent in the company of newly acquainted fishing pal Graham who also enjoys fly fishing the river for Coarse fish. We were fishing a new stretch (for me) and had numerous Chub. Graham let me use one of his latest creations (basically a large foam beetle) which worked wonders for the Chub who seemed to find it i...


Thames - 23-25/07/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 26 August 2010 · 4,926 views

A weekend that I had been looking forward to for a while. I was fishing the Thames with Alan and his Dad Trevor from their punt. I was excitied for a number of reasons, firstly because I had heard lots of good stories about how well the river was fishing, second because it was my first Coarse fishing session of the season and lastly because we were boat f...


LRA - 17-18/07/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 25 August 2010 · 96 views

As luck would have it I was left with both Saturday and Sunday free to fish so I decided to allocate both days to the Little River Avon and fish some new sections. Saturday was spent further down from where I previously fished. Surprisingly here the river here is much faster with plenty of beds of Ranunculus. In fact it was a lovely stretch and after a qu...


Bristol Avon - 09/07/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 05 August 2010 · 1,706 views

Decided to fish the same stretch as last time but venture slightly further upstream. Not as exciting as the last time however as it was a hot Friday evening and they were a few too many fisherman and a number of local kids jumping in the river which didnít help matters! Couple of Chub and Dace caught though.


Bristol Avon - 06/07/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 02 August 2010 · 4,900 views

Another exploratory trip to the Bristol Avon this time heading upstream from where I started on my first visit. This stretch looked just as tempting, possibly more although it was also popular with the Barbel fisherman! Think I caught 3 Chub and a couple more Dace, another lovely evening. Saw a number of spots that were screaming to be trotted so Iím...

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