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Hampshire Avon - 05/12/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 24 January 2011 · 5,924 views

Another freezing Sunday this time spent on the Hampshire (well strictly speaking the Wiltshire) Avon again in search of the Grayling. Similar to last Sunday the day was a tale of two halves...the morning was spent on the lower end of the fishery and with exceptionally low water we struggled to see let alone catch a single fish.

Vince my fishing partner did well taking a couple of small ones from a pod whilst I was tangled! In the afternoon we explored the upper half which thankfully was a little deeper and slower and looked much more promising. The Grayling were tightly shoaled and after a fishless stretch we spotted a fish rising much to our surprise and excitement. It seemed we had stumbled upon a large shoal of Grayling and whilst it wasn’t exactly a fish a chuck we were finally catching with some regularity including a real beauty that Vince caught probably about 1.5lb.

By the time the bites began to dry up in that spot the low winter sun was dropping rapidly. Vince headed back to the car to warm himself up with a deserved coffee whilst I decided to used the remaining light to explore a deeper spot the keeper had mentioned at the top end of the fishery. It was a good move and yielded a couple more fish with one lost. After a really hard start it had turned out to be a very enjoyable day, I think I only caught around 5 Grayling but in the conditions we had I was pretty pleased.

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