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Itchen - 29/12/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 08 February 2011 · 5,934 views

A sortie to the Itchen for a day’s trotting for the Grayling with three friends; Alan, Mark and Ted. The last time I was here the river was quite swollen and coloured so I was  relieved to see the river still quite clear despite the recent snow melt. It was lovely to be back - it is always a special days fishing here no matter what the conditions. The fishing itself was a little harder than I expected; perhaps the cold water temperature and snow melt had put the Grayling down. I think I ended the day with around 15 or 16 Grayling and thankfully only 1 out of season Trout. Alan did well catching a mixed bag of a few Grayling, a first ever Sea Trout, a minnow, a few customary BT and a nice Chub early in the morning. Ted did well to catch his first ever Grayling (although he may have gone over to the dark arts of the maggot feeder to do so – still he waited until last thing before succumbing). Mark had a surprisingly hard day and didn't manage any Grayling but still got a bend in his rod via a few BT including a lovely small wild one. A great day out as ever, looking forward to revisiting on the AN fish-in in March.

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