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Contemplating Fishing

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Guest_John Weddup_*
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Posted 13 February 2000 - 04:38 AM

I had to work today. Thats life. I have my own business but it still hurts to have to work when its so close to the end of the river season. A few years ago, when the stillwater close season was lifted I thought great all year fishing but now I can,t fish where I want to after march 14th. I guess my fishing habits have changed. The L.A.A. opened the local Glemsford pits last year only to be closed 3 weeks later due too being a SSSI. But people walk their dogs there all year round, never on leads chasing the wildlife.But there thats life. The local paper to me the Suffolk free press did a big article on the rubbish found on the local river walks this week. They found syringes beer cans supermarket trolleys plastic bags Dog extrament human extrament chip bags old knickers and all manor of other items along the river walks. When they asked for a statement about the conditions from a common lands trust holder he said the fisherman should be more carefull. So I had better explain to the wife now how I manage too drink so much beer snort coke inject drugs and still have the energy to rip the knickers off the local girls aswell as catch fish before driving home. Still thats life. My old favourite tackle shop has been part time for 18 months now due to lack of profit, he also was a gunshop selling ammunition. When that side of the business was finished a couple of years ago it reduced his profit. It didn,t matter to me as I only have ever shot an airgun but it affected his turnover. I know hear today he may shut entirely. But there thats life. How much longer will we continue with this attitude we have had for years now. Why do we do as we are told lets protect our rivers and lakes if the water authorities want to sell the water to more and more households with no plan to sustain the river flows why should they be allowed too. If air was short, and lets face it air and water are thought of in the same breadth, they woudn,t be allowed to compromise us. I was going to write a beautifull almost poetic letter tonight and have lost all the thoughts I had earlier but i,ll send them another day. I hope this provokes a few of us to do more for our sport as I now find myself doing thanks to the internet. I have had much to offer over the years but being my own man and not a match angler my veiws have been kept too m,yself. I feel so confident things can improve with this method of communication.

Best regards John