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Tidying up a pole

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#1 Guest_GlennB_*

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Posted 03 March 2000 - 01:27 AM

Just started out with pole-fishing. Not wanting to splash out without knowing if I'd take to it, I borrowed a second-hand pole from my local shop and spent a day trying it out on a local canal.
I enjoyed it immensely and happily handed over my 100. Seemed a good deal as the pole (11.5M) came with 3 top-threes, a cupping top-3 and free new elastics/connectors from the shop.
The pole seems sound but a bit tatty. The joints seem smooth enough (for someone who's a bit less than a well-oiled-fishing-machine) but I'd like to spend a few of these cold wet evenings tidying it up. If it was a car you'd reckon it needed a new paint-job. Can carbon poles be rubbed down and resprayed? If so, what kind of paint should I use?
I also can't believe that I need 'carp floats' and 'roach floats'.... I'm presuming that's just a marketing scam. Any advice on the basics of float rigs for a pole would be most welcome. I split my fishing pretty much 50-50 between the local rivers Frome/Brue (quite small, but quick in winter) and a couple of local lakes containing carp + tench to about 8lbs.



#2 Guest_oliver g_*

Guest_oliver g_*
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Posted 04 March 2000 - 03:18 AM

GLENN,im a regular on the r parret stoke sub hamdon area,id go for a 1g to 1.5g bodie up style float,this may sound heavey but they work and you can hold back well,i find bread punch and liqudised bread fishes great most people are scared to use it as its old fashend as for tideing up your new toy i wouldnt bother,it dont matter what it looks like!!!!