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Bernard Venables Memorial Celebration

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#1 Guest_Vagabond_*

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Posted 08 October 2001 - 02:37 AM

Have just returned from a very moving experience this afternoon. In Devizes, Wiltshire, in the historic Corn Exchange building, the life and times of Bernard Venables were recalled and remembered. Tributes were many, fulsome and generous.

Eileen Venables spoke of Venables the family man. Chapman Pincher recalled Bernard's ability as a professional journalist. Frank Guttfield spoke of the inspirational launch of Angling Times and how Bernard Venables as editor moulded its emphasis on specimen fish. Clive Gammon spoke of Venables the all-round angler and the halcyon days of Creel.

Peter Wheat recalled how he saw Bernard as a role model, who had such a profound influence on the fishing lives of so many, through the magic of Mr Crabtree. Brian Hanlon spoke of Venables the artist, and how, like all artists, we only begin to appreciate their worth after their death. Finally, Brian Clarke spoke of Bernard's fight for clear pure water for fish to swim in.

I felt so privileged to be part of this, and thought that those of you who knew, or knew of, Bernard, would like to think of him this evening, and share in the thoughts of his friends - who did him proud this afternoon.

"We shall not see his like again"


#2 Guest_Peter Waller_*

Guest_Peter Waller_*
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Posted 08 October 2001 - 02:11 PM

We won't see the likes of Bernard again, regretfully. He represents a halcyon time when anglers were anglers and not just specialists. He has left a marvellous memorial to himself, Crabtree.

There was a lovely piece in the ACA Review about Bernard. Bernard commented, in so many words, that he didn't need an infernal contraption to do his angling for him. That was in reference to electronic bite indicators. Yet, clearly, he was not afraid of progress and improvement in angling.

You were a lucky man to be there. I have to content myself with my Mr Crabtree & Bernard's Memoirs.

#3 Guest_Steve Burke_*

Guest_Steve Burke_*
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Posted 08 October 2001 - 02:40 PM

Bernard Venables was one of the giants of the Golden Age of angling. His Mr. Crabtree comic strips were an inspiration to a whole generation of anglers.

This is what he'll be remembered for most, but he gave so much more to us, including helping to set up the badly-needed Angling Times plus a host of superb books and paintings. He was one of those rare writers who could compose great prose yet still teach beginners and the experienced alike.

My good friend and former fishing partner, Peter Rogers, was closely involved with Bernard for many of his later years. Peter bought many items of tackle from him, including his Mk IV and the famous net on the cover of Mr, Crabtree Goes Fishing. I met Bernard only once but he kindly authographed my own copy of Mr. Crabtree, and it's now one of my most treasured possessions.

Wingham Fisheries

#4 Guest_Chris Plumb_*

Guest_Chris Plumb_*
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Posted 08 October 2001 - 02:53 PM

When BV died I tried to pen my own eulogy for a thread on this site but was never satisfied enough to end it. After my father died when I was 6 he left me his 1952 copy of Mr Crabtree. For the next decade it was the ONLY fishing book I owned!! So words like inspiration, guiding light, still seem inadequate to describe the impact this slim volume has had on my whole life!

I've posted this link a couple of times before but make no apologies for doing so again - the best eulogy to BV I've come across and one of the reasons I abandoned my own puny efforts!


"Study to be quiet."