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Shoreham harbour arm - a pigsty

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#11 john frum

john frum


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Posted 26 June 2005 - 04:07 PM

I really appreciate the responses here. I'm returning to regular angling after too long a break and the advice is appreciated.

The litter issue is one thing, the number of people (some using four or five rods!) another. All in all a real disappointment as I was looking forward to the convenience of using the arm; I've tried the east arm too, and it was less of a mess, although I've spotted a lot more people down there in the last few weeks of good weather.

It's encouraging to hear people comment that beach fishing is just as effective here; trouble is I'm far from being the world's best caster. I'd been thinking about lure fishing, working along the beach - I've got a Normark 11ft "Bass rod" with which I can punch a medium sized lure (dexter wedge) quite a distance - but back in my long-lost youth I never had much success with lures and consequently I lack conviction when bunging them about! I had a bash a couple of times recently on the inside of the Adur estuary (I'm told it's known as "Soldier's Point") but each time I could only get there as the tide was running out quite fast, which I assume isn't the best. I also tried a lure at low tide at the end of the Arun in Littlehampton. Same result.

So I'll try a lure along the beach as the tide and sun are rising, as suggested. Assuming there isn't a howling on-shore wind! Any other comments for this area would be appreciated. My score so far is a dozen Mackerel on feathers, which isn't my idea of a great day's fishing but still beats the **** out of DIY.

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Posted 26 June 2005 - 04:49 PM

What, no response to me bit on 'attitude, rubbish and fags'. Thought that would get all and suddry up in arms, we dont like other peoples litter? Perhaps its touched a nearve???

#13 Leon Roskilly

Leon Roskilly


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Posted 30 September 2006 - 11:47 AM

Some anglers are doing something about it




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Posted 30 September 2006 - 12:30 PM

What, no response to me bit on 'attitude, rubbish and fags'. Thought that would get all and suddry up in arms, we dont like other peoples litter? Perhaps its touched a nearve???

I'm right with you on smokers litter :yucky: The other thing is chewing gum that some dirty gits just gob out on the ground :angry:

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Posted 30 September 2006 - 05:35 PM

Hear all you guys are saying about the rubbish around our coast. However, before we all start beating ourselves with birch sticks. just have a look at the sides of the main trunk routs around the country, all sorts, paper, bags, hamberger cartons the most unpleasent is those fizz bottles half full of fizz, always yellow fizz????

We have a national problem, one of attitude, are we are a nation of litter louts! A lot of you smoke . . . what do you do with your ash and the dog end? for that fact how about the clear wraping around a new packet and the empty packet, full of old butts of course? And then there is the full ashtry in the car, the emptying of which is a common site in lay-buys, and dont even look behind the bushes!!! Fags amounts to many hundreds of tones of disgarded wast per year! Yes the problem is bad, I dont defend anyone and that includes the 'innocent' who drops a fag end in front of me, or throws one from a moveing car still alight????? demon

Hello Cliff

You are right about it being a national problem; you have only got to travel around Europe to realize that the UK is a disgusting dump as far as litter goes, I bet the odd bit of litter you see abroad was dropped by a British tourist.
As Cliff says it is not only the river banks or sea shore, it's the whole country
What sort of moron bags up all the rubbish in the car, ties up the bag then throw it out of the window?
The annoying thing is you rarely catch the culprits, I did once, and he ended up wearing it.
I bet every body on this forum will agree how terrible the litter problem is, same at my local angling club AGM where it is mentioned every year, every body agrees, but the litter still mounts up for some like me to clear up.
I am wondering if the population has lost all respect for the country they live in.
I fish to live and live to fish.