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Guernsey Consulting on Bag Limits for Anglers

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Posted 22 September 2006 - 06:12 PM

I think if you spoke to the commercial guys it's a case of 'they're our fish and you can't SELL them'. If you take them home for tea they can't really complain, if you sell them and take away their market and their livelihood, then I say that's fair. Hence the call for bag limits, it's the only realistic way to limit the practise of anglers selling fish from unlicensed boats.


You have a foot in both camps as a licensed commercial fisherman and an angler. you are obviously leaning towards the stance taken by Peter Munro of the Guernsey Fishermen's Association, to whom I'd say the same thing as I'm saying to you.

Show us the evidence.

Oh, I forgot, there isn't any. It's just the smokescreen that's being used to allow GSF to "re-allocate the resource".

The charter boats are not taking away anyone's livelihood. Look at the catch statistics for the last few years and see the record landings by the commercial fleet. there must be a market or they wouldn't bother fishing for fin fish.

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Posted 22 September 2006 - 09:09 PM

Toerag, you were not so long ago appealing for UK anglers to lend their support towards the excellent Boue Blondel petition. I believe I am right in saying that the level of support shown from both those who regularly visit the Islands and those who were planning a trip, was unparalleled. Many of the views expressed were along the lines of 'we will reconsider our trips if this slaughter is not stopped'.

Are you really willing to both offend and insult the intelligence of those same supporters, when you now call for bag limits to be slapped upon them, all because you believe the unsubstantiated rumours that they are selling your fish. If indeed many of these conscientious anglers are reconsidering their trips to the Bailiwick, your views may well help to tip the balance and make that decision all the more easy. Meanwhile the fleet will be gearing up for another years slaughter, unabated, despite thousands of their signatures.

I sincerely hope that Guernsey's new Director of Marketing and Tourism, Mr Chris Elliot, lends a hand in kicking this smokescreen out of sight.

Faced with the dismal failure of his predecessors 2M advertising campaign and a further drop in tourism, reported to be around the 15% mark, it would seem a prudent start to his new career by holding on to what is left.

By allowing exaggerations, untruths and unsubstantiated claims to be made against quite possibly the only growing sector of the Bailiwick's tourism industry he will not only be doing the good people of Alderney a great injustice but also shooting himself in the foot.

How on earth people can seriously support this proposal is beyond me. The commercial fleet has nigh on doubled their take of Turbot since 2003 (4.3 tonnes to 8.1 tonnes) despite their claim that stocks are down and yet they have the audacity to call for action to be taken regarding the anglers take. Their most recent catches of 8.1 tonnes in 2005 saw them trouser a paltry 65k. 65k!!, I would hazard a guess that the Bailiwicks economy benefits to the tune of more than 65k for less than 1 tonne landed by visiting rods.

In the same period their total revenue for all fin fish has risen from 918k to 1.886 million, a rise of nearly 1 million! in 2 years. If this does not adequately demonstrate the level of greed these guys are capable of there is no hope for the future of Bailiwick fish stocks. Sea Fisheries are simply using their powers to feather their own nest.

The fact that the proposal, despite calling for bag limits, does not contain any suggestion of the commercial fleet capping their take at the quoted '7 tonnes', says it all for me.

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 03:29 PM

I think it rather arrogant of you to expect local commercial fishermen to cave in to your demands, I would advise you treat this situation with more respect, a fair and reasonable attitude would be for you to comprimise yourselfs, it may be folly not to, you may do alot worst

regards stephen
a commercial fisherman

Hi Stephen

If you read the gist of this post and my previous posts on this subject then you will actually see that I have no problems with imposing bag limits as long as the actions taken are measured (unlike the bag limits set out in the proposal), and that although I would like to see a restraint put upon the commercial fleet (their own take and effort is increasing far more dramatically than the charter fleets) I am realistic and don't expect that to happen. I would however as I have said in previous posts be willing to accept bag limits, seeing as we are fishing in "their " waters.
In reply to my arrogance I think it very arrogant of the commercial sector to think it can just keep taking more and more fish form the sea, and that for some reason unknown to me they think those fish are theirs over everyone elses just because they have a vessel purpose made to catch them.
I have every respect for commercial fishermen and the job they do and realise its what enables me to pop down the fishmongers and buy fish whenever I want. But I have no respect for the attitude that wee keep taking more and more fish, just because we want to.

As I also said in my previous posts, I have been aware that something like this may have been on the cards for many years and I have also said exactly that we should be grateful that the proposal hasn't been worse. I have heard talk of the fact that the commercials basically wanted to ban the mainland charter fleet from fishing Guernsey waters, full stop.

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Posted 25 November 2006 - 10:36 PM


[size=4]Just a final reminder that there are only a few days left before the end of the consultation period. The deadline for submissions is November 30th. If you haven't written yet you can make your views on the proposals known by writing to:

Senior Sea Fisheries Officer, Commerce and Employment Dept. Raymond Falla House, PO Box 459, Longue Rue, St. Martins, Guernsey GY1 6AF

A copy of your letter can also be sent to the Alderney Sea Fishery authorities at:

General Services Committee,

States of Alderney,

Island Hall,