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fishing for carp while they spawn?

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Posted 11 June 2007 - 08:06 AM

No your right sometimes they dont and I have no idea why!

To avoid confussion though an individual carp can only actually spawn once in the wild.Even at Sparsholt in heavily controled enviroment they can only "force" them to actually spawn twice in a year. It is this strange "stop start" courtship as I prefer to call it rather than actual spawning (ie releasing eggs and milt) and this strange buisness of "split" spawnings that I believe leads anglers to think that individual carp are spawning more than once.Also just look at it logically-how long does it take for carp spawn and milt to develop? Ive never seen anything that sugests they can "save" some has anyone?

Shame Bruno's not posting on here at the moment.

If what you say about 18 degrees is right Oldfella then that makes the "thousand degree day" principle false..strange as not only as Ive said tried it (and it was true much to my suprise) but also taught to me at Sparsholt!

Despite my involvement in a French fishery I havnt really been able to really study the spawning/temperature ratio there and Luke just doesnt find that stuff as interesting as myself! I have found a big variation in spawning times between French waters though put have always put this down to their diversity size,altitude,depth etc

You are quite right Budgie regaring a carp only spawning once a year and perhaps when we talk about the 'stop/start' spawning it is rather confusing. In an ideal spring the conditions will reach a 'perfect' situation for spawning and providing they remain at this level for a couple of weeks most, if not all, carp in a fishery will complete spawning withing this period. What we have seen this year is some carp, usually the smaller ones, complete spawning by the end of April and as conditions fall below the required level all spawning activity stops, then others manage to spawn succesfully when conditions reach the required level once again.This has happened throughout a 2 month period and last night we once again had heavy spawning activity on the main lake. It is very frustrating to have carp full of spawn show up next to carp that have already recovered from spawning.