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OwdTrout's Pursuit of Brown Spotty Fishisessess


Saturday May 16th 2009. Will I ever learn?

Posted by OwdTrout , 17 May 2009 · 5,391 views

Alan arrived first at the river and had three or four fish before I joined him. While he got a brew on I had a cast, taking one of the rivers natural population. It was too small to be one of the stockies being only 7 inches long. After refreshment we headed downstream. Soon I was thankful that I had remembered my waterproof. Today the rain was a good thi...


Saturday May 2nd 2009 - Trust your instincts.

Posted by OwdTrout , 05 May 2009 · 286 views

A lone cross boarder raid saw me on the river late in the morning. As I had parked at the top of the length a walk downstream was the first order of the day. That's as it should be walk down, and fish it back up, but who can resist a cast into a likely spot on the way? Not me for one. Though this can have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I...


Saturday & Sunday 11th & 12th April 2009

Posted by OwdTrout , 13 April 2009 · 287 views

The FOGs Raid Tykeland.Despite the forecast of rain all day, Alan Roe and I agreed a covert raid across the boarder. The plan was to meet up at about 11:00 hours, disguised in flat caps, and speaking strangely. Just as I was getting my gear together Al phoned to say he had left early. Well I had planned to arrive a little early myself so no real drama. Wh...


Friday 10th April 2009 - Are Metrologists "white mice"?

Posted by OwdTrout , 10 April 2009 · 270 views

Easter - the first long weekend of the season. With the long weekend coming up plans had to be made, kit has to be replaced. Unusually for me I looked up the weather forecast. I say unusually as for many years I have known that the weather can not be forecast with accuracy. Past experience has taught me that the Met Office can not be trusted, so, on the r...


Sunday 29th March

Posted by OwdTrout , 05 April 2009 · 254 views

Another nice day and the usual start in the same pool. Once again the successful fly was my stuck shuck emerger. A couple of fish came to it. Nothing unusual, both about 12 inches. Time to explore further. The next pool up seemed devoid of trout. About 50 yards further upstream I spotted a rise, close to my bank (there is no access from the opposite bank....


Saturday 28th March 2009

Posted by OwdTrout , 28 March 2009 · 186 views

According to the Met Office I wasn't going to be able to fish today for high winds. When I looked at the weather it was bright clear and still. Another great forecast form the Met Office. I wouldn't mind if we didn't pay them so much to get it wrong. Met Office weather presenters are the highest paid civil servants. I wouldn't pay them in...


Sunday 22nd March 2009

Posted by OwdTrout , 24 March 2009 · 160 views

What a difference a week makes! After last Sunday's great start, I spent all week looking forward to getting back to the Irwell. work rules out a mid day trip in the week. Yesterday dawned bright and clear, not too windy, it looked ideal. by 7 am I was sat at the tying table cranking out flies at a good rate. Sustained, as usual, by a steady flow...


Opening Day Sunday 15th March 2009

Posted by OwdTrout , 24 March 2009 · 163 views

As always on the first day of the new season, I set off to wet a line. Since the close of last season I've moved, new job new home. My new place is only 5 minutes from the Irwell, on foot. That means new season and a new river to explore. Local knowledge I had gleaned yesterday in the toy shop gave me a starting place. I'm beginning to fear the lo...

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