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My first blog, my first leather carp and my first tench!

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I bought my ticket for Chard AA a couple weeks back and decided i wanted to fish perry street pond first, as i had been hearing good things about it. http://www.chardanddistrictanglingclub.co.uk/Waters.html


I packed up my box, chair, rods and probably more gear than i needed at ten this morning, but on the way it started to rain heavily and i was sure i was going to regret trying it today. But as i arrived and got set up, the water looked quite nice with some carp showing on the top. Sadly surface baits are banned (Really this is probably a good thing) because i would imagine it would be deadly down there.


After setting up my free running ledger with a power bandit hooklength (8mm marine halibut pellet) i cast out to the far lilies and set it on my bite alarm. I pulted out a few pouchfuls of pellets and a bit of corn but not much. In less than ten minutes time the bite alarm screamed off and i was into my first carp, a nice common of around 3lb. He was very jumpy though and at one point he jumped and my thumb dug under his gill, and when i released him he bled :(, but i think he was ok because he swam away strongly.


You are allowed two rods but i decided with one because the platforms were a bit tight for a chair and two rods. After casting out again i didn't have to wait long for my next fish, a leather carp of about 4lb, which was nice as i had never had a leather carp before.


I had two more carp and i was loving it, i had never fished a water so easy, it must be very well stocked as i never waited more than half an hour for a bite! I don't normally fish 'easier' places like this but i have to admit i was enjoying not having to wait around all day for one bite. The two carp were also around the 3-4lb mark.


A bloke walking round stayed for a chat, and as we were talking my rod went off again, this time a slower fight, with only heavy lunging near the net, as he came to the surface i could see it was a tench, i had never caught a tench before so i was really, really chuffed with this. Like the carp he took an 8mm pellet against the lilies, he was about a pound and a half. I never knew tench were so slimy, they are like bream arent they, he had caught a bit of line around him and when i unwrapped him it was covered i the stuff. Here is the picture of him, i wanted to put more pictures up of all my carp and the lake etc but as you can tell from my posts it has been a right hassle and i have only managed this one, if i sort it out properly, i'll put them on :)




The rain had started to come down heavier now. I had another run on the bite alarm (The fish were crazy, i barely had time to sit down), this time a nicer fish and the largest of the day, a common of about 5lb. A lovely end to the day.


Part of me wanted to stay here in the rain and catch more, but my rig had become tangled and with the rain constantly drenching me every time i stepped out from under my umbrella i rang for a lift and packed away.


I love that feeling you get when a water you have never fished lives up to its expectations and then some, on a miserable day i had one of my best ever fishing days, with my first leather carp, my first tench and some nice fish up to 5lb. Hopefully the weather will make a turn for the better and i will be back down there again soon. I will report on how it goes, hopefully the photos will work better next time too.


Dave d



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