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  1. Hi.


    With the winter coming up im sure a few of you guys will be looking for bait. Mackeral Sardines and the likes and possibly squid for the boat anglers.


    Mackerel in a 10kg box. Fish sizes from 300g up to 600g plus. £27.00

    Sardines in a 10kg box. £25.00

    Calamari in a 11kg box pack in 24x454g indivual boxes £40.00


    Uk Delivery to your door £7.95 for up to 20kg.


    So you can mix your box with differents products from as little as you want up to 20 kilos



    Smaller amounts available on request.


    Many Other fish and Seafoods available. I can get most things within 48hrs delivered to your door


    If your interest leave me a Message and i will get back to you.

    Or Email me: [email protected] for fast reply





  2. I have no sound on my comp, the drivers are not installed it says, but i dont have the drivers for the sound. also i dont know make the sound card is. so i cant find a driver on the net.


    is there anyway i can found out what sound card i have. many thanks



  3. I didn't mean the actual disc I meant the reader could be the problem, at least it's worth a try.


    tried the reader, if its the disc drive you mean, had DVD rom. and CD writer on the comp and tried both of them. have talk to some other people and tried many things, starting to think i must have some motherboard problem or IDE cable problem.


    so going to put it to bed in the bin.


    just want to say thanks to everyone for all there help, and will be back soon with another problem for you lot to solve no doubt lol.


    cheers all.



  4. It shouldn't make any difference what the boot order is in bios once set up is started the boot will be always be from cd while the install is taking place. Once windows is installed it should boot from hard drive so long as there is no bootable cd in drive. It's best not to remove the cd during install but you could after the first restart change the boot order in bios to hard drive then cd drive then floppy. After you save and exit that should be it. Your pc should boot from HD each time but only after windows is installed. Another thing you could try is the actual cd drive, it could be faulty and not reading the cd properly.


    Good luck


    I have tried a new hard drive that i had around which had never been used, it did the same. so what i did was put the new hard drive in an old computer my had, and did the full reformat and instal. just incase there was a CD problem. in reformated and instaled no problem and is working lovely.


    so i know its not a HD problem ior disc problem.


    i have tried to disable the floppy. and boot from CD,


    regards sean.

  5. if the drive is in ntfs then dos wont see it ,boot of your cd then after it sets up take the cd out its booting using the CD (because you told it to in the bios) not the hard drive and going to into setup again


    Hi chesters, i have took the Cd out when it says your computer will restart in 15 seconds, when it starts to boot up again, it then asks me to insert boot disk into drive "A".


    the drive is ntfs. so any further advice would be greatful, as i dont want to be beaten by this, it has become a vendeta now lol.



  6. Hi all, hope you can help, this has done my head in for 2 days.


    first off all my computer started to freeze every time i booted up, and tried to connect the internet.


    so i thought virus, anti virus found nothing.


    so next i thought ok, will reformat the hard drive, got my disc out, im running windows xp pro. put the disc in, got all the way to reformat, reformatted. and it went through the usual, reformatted.loaded windows setup. it went through all the usual process, then restarted to setup windows, but each time, it goes back the same point where it asks to reformat. it will not boot up to setup, just keeps going in a circle, i cant get it to boot up and install windows after formatting, i have tried a new C drive in case the old one was shot. the disc is fine because after that i re formatted my wifes comp. no probs there.



  7. this is a question for my wife, who has spent hours trying to attempt something, but just cant get there. hope someone can help.


    What she has, is a dvd, of her favourite band, what she would like to do, is copy a song from it, and place it on her web site. she understands that it has copy right, and is a big member of the forum of the band and known to the band members, so once succesful permission will be sought to publish.


    so is there anyway, she can cut out song off a dvd, and then save and upload to her site, her site is all about the band anyway.


    hope you can help.



  8. We shouldnt have gone in the first place, but now we are there and so much blood (coalition and iraqi) has been spilt it would be an insult to those who died to leave with half a job done.



    i agree with wat you say..you cant go in, then when it goes bad just leave, thats like a child playing a game, if they cant win, saying im not playing anymore.





    We shouldnt have gone in the first place, but now we are there and so much blood (coalition and iraqi) has been spilt it would be an insult to those who died to leave with half a job done.

    i agree with wat you say..you cant go in, then when it goes bad just leave, thats like a child playing a game, if they cant win, saying im not playing anymore.




    What i do think will come out of this vote...is there are so many views, suggestions, that have been made in prior postst, about what should have been done, should we be there, should we have gone in,


    i would like to see if all thses people cast a vote, or let others do the voteing...



  9. unfortunately its such a mess we cannot just withdraw ,now the power in iraq has gone someone has to keep the sunni's from being massacred from the north and south .a politicle allience with at least the shiites is needed to allow the sunni's to escape (hence my finsbury bit) although we could just leave them to their fate its not just iraq that has sunni moslems and usefull ones with oil exist (the middle of iraq where the sunni's live havent much goodies to give us) .

    the shiites and curds want revenge on the sunni's for their past crimes so unfortunately we have to be in the middle to stop the certain genocide that we started with deposing saddam .

    its strange that me a rather thick bloke living in surrey in the long deleted iraq thread predicted what is now happening but governments and their "advisors" couldnt see past the end of their own noses or should i say agenda's.

    we cant leave were in a mire of death which is exactly what i said when you open pandora's box.

    i was wrong in one aspect the country didnt get together to kick us out! each faction (although the curds are biding their time) is working individually this is vietnam with sand!! and we lose anyway.

    the shiites are hardline moslems and what used to be a laid back middle of the road country will become one using shia law with its cruelty and draconian laws far worse than saddams ,once the sunni problem has gone then ofcourse the two remaining factions will be at each others throats ,who do we back then?

    the curds which then form a curdish state and turkey invades or the shiites ,both have oil so we will probably back both ,arm and fund both then deal with the winner .just forget the huge death toll theres oil in them sands.


    i agree, with alot of what you said...but politics and peoples opinion are stronger, maybe i should post a poll, to see what people thing, stay or leave. it would be interesting i guess to see what we all feel

  10. The way i see it, is that bush and blair had to hang him, they will both be gone in 9 months, and mounting pressure from there parties for the next elections. Their parties need a clean slate as it were, this saga out of the way...now i think, in a few months when bush goes and blair goes..there will be a full withdrawal from iraq.


    how often do you hear of someone being executed, while they are still half way through another trial..


    For all i think he should of hanged, he brought the hanging law in, so he died by his own hand...i think the speed was political..



  11. So being world champion four times in the last few years doesn't make the list, but a numpty in front of a camera is number one?


    Don't see any game fishermen in there, or sea anglers for that matter.


    I shan't bother.


    i agree with someone in front of the camera making number one should not be there...the top people should be the match fisherman, not always the world champion, but, who has consistanly performed over many years, in match situations..


    as for the number in the list, well i guess i could be number one given the best venue, the best tackle, and also the best editor.


    as for the specimen fisherman, i cant comment as i dont really know much about that side of our great sport.



  12. If its wrong to use a fishfinder then it is wrong to use an electronic bite indicator. They are useful, more for mapping the bottom rather than finding fish, although that can be a bonus. They don't find pike laying on the bottom during the winter though! The 'ping' frm a finder works off inflated swim bladders, and pike deflate theirs when laying on the bottom.


    I have nothing against them, was thinking about getting one myself, just wondered what peoples thoughts were, one thing i had not considered that you mentioned which is a very valid and helpful point, was the mapping of a venue.



  13. Was on ebay browsing the fishing section. and saw these portable fish finders.


    Just wodered has anyone tried them, what they like, are they a useful aid during the winter months should they work..


    or are you in the opinion that we should use our wits against the fish, as we have always done.



  14. as already stated, and particularly at this time of year, just loose feed maggots while fishing, only about 6 at a time, and fish either a piece of corn or a couple of casters on a size 16 hook. i find maggots useless as a hook bait for big roach, but casters are excellent. single corn is ok too.


    i agree, keep the small ones occupied, with maggots, then go in with the slightly bigger baits...like kids really..throw a lucky bag the kids love it...the teens say no way...lol



  15. Hi barry.


    Just following on from what has already been said. The only thing i can suggest, is what seems to work for me on where i fish to get the better roach, which is not to say it works on other waters is that...for the first hour or two, i feed maggot, and 4 or 5 bits of sweet corn...resist using the corn for a while, but enjoy the smaller roach, but keep feeding the maggots and 4 or 5 bits of sweet corn.

    then after an hour or 2, change to sweet corn, but keep feeding maggots, 4 or 5 bits of corn. the smaller fish seem to then take the maggots, and the larger roach, with a bit on confidence have moved in also. and tend to take the larger bait, and leave the maggot alone, which you have been catching on...fool them into think this is a safer food to eat.


    jworks where i fish anyway,



  16. I would go for a pole, if its your first pole, think about want distance you want to fish, the price your looking to pay. for a cheap pole myself, for the match top, and 2 top 2 sections that come with it, so you can go quite heavy on the elastic and the rigs, is the leeda assasin 11 pole...


    i know its an argos pole, but the price side of it for a a starter is very good.. the pole itself is very good..i used it all year till i upgraded to a 14.5m maver. and i dont see why with one of the top sections you cant elasticate to double up as a whip.


    better to have one than can do two jobs as opposed to have two to do two jobs..


    but there are many more poles out there and im sure someone can tell you of other makes...im just going off what i have used.





  17. Hi all, as we leave 2006, i had a few years away from fishing, due to a divorce....felt a bit out of touch when getting back into things again, but spent most of 2006 swatting up, getting all the gear together again and fishing a few venues for different fish...my main fishing is coarse, and would like a bit of carp fishing, maybe night sessions on a week end.


    What im looking for is a club that can supply both in my area, i live in harrow, middlesex. and that is not to over fished.


    I look forward to hearing from you all



  18. Surely not! It beeps and flashes to warn you of an accident blackspot. There might coincidentally be a camera there too, of course, because that's where they put cameras... :P


    Actually, that's not quite true. The database on my TomTom includes places where mobile cameras are often used, and as the restriction on the locations of fixed cameras does not apply to mobile one they tend to be found where ever lots of people consider the limit to be below the safe speed for the road. Ironically, this means that they are often found on the safest bits of road, not the most dangerous. I've seen the local scamera vans enforcing the 30mph limit in my village only once. Less than a mile away is a bridge over the dual carriageway, one of their regular haunts. The people doing 40mph down the high street are much more likely to kill someone than the people doing 80 on the dual carriageway, but there are more fines to be raked in sitting on the motorway bridge than outside the local school.



    I have the garmin sat nav, and their site also has the data base for mobile cams as well.. i have a 90 trial version..and i thinks its great...and i also think, if a beeps tells u there is a cam there...i would rather slow down and save myself 3 points....as for the speeding. 99 percent of us drive on average 10mph over the speed limit anyway...till my sat nav tells me there is a cam ahead,,i update it every day...



  19. I have a sat nav, and i think its a good thing, some times u dont see a cam till late...the u break hard...its not a case of people speeding, but the warning 200 m or so before u get there and that your speed is to hi..


    so anyhting that makes people break a bit more slowly, than just jamming the brakes on because they have just noticed it between the trees,,well im for the sat nav.



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