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  1. i see my topic was moved, but i still cant contact admin. or a moderator, i would be grateful for some help. thanks
  2. hi, i have tried to contact a moderator. left an email with admin. i keep getting told im not logged in or something. can a moderator help me. thanks.
  3. i understand go bigger, but if i do, i miss out on the good bream thats there, with the smaller mouths, and the playing with the bait. i strike early feel the weight and its gone, probably because the bream have not taken the bait, just playing with it, getting confident. as to another couple of posts, i am pole fishing or wagler. not the feeder method. the barb and barbless post im unsure of. i like to use barbless as in theory it makes for easy retrievel to barbed. but then there is the case of it coming out easy after cutting and the fish swalling the hook further down. could a fish survi
  4. Hi all. hope someone can help. i work six days a week monday to sturday, fish on the way to work and after work and all day sundays. i am a shop manager which means i work when tackle shops are open, and finish work when they close. so to get all my baits and tackle i have to send one of my staff to the tackle shop to collect whatever bait and tackle and bits i need. but i miss the having a look round and picking bits up and trying to keep up to date with you stuff. so if anyone knows of a tackle sho open in the london area or just outside. middlesex, brent, that sort of way i would be ve
  5. your right about the taste depends on where it comes from, especially the fresh water fish, im a fish monger for a living, and sell over 70 types of fish from fresh water to sea. the area im in, the main seller is an african fish called tilapia. but today its farmed from all over the world. from africa, to mosambic. malaysa. to thialand. but the best one seems to be from tialand. i also sell carp at xmas and easter as one person mentioned. look at seabass. thats farmed, but everyone wants it from greece. the same for scotish farmed salmon.. the fresh water fish have the taste of the river they
  6. Hi all. im fairly new to fishing, fished a couple of years now. the venue i fish has some nice bream, but alot of little roach and perch. the roach are not a problem, im happy to sit all day and catch them. but every perch i catch even the ones the length of your finger have nearlly always taken the hook right down. i use barbless hooks, if i increase the size of the hook, then i loose on the bream bites, if i strike early, then i am looseing the bream, as it seems the best way is to let the bite develop, they seem to test it out before taking it. what im looking for is there any easy
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