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  1. Thats impresive for the 'first steps' Janet, the camera is doing its thing just fine enjoy your weekend. SW
  2. Might be a good idea, as any instructions will refer to and assume use of the supplied program? . . . Swap over later, no point in complicating the issue? Might of course, be straight forward and fit in with Ev.7, 'like a duck to water' . . . ******** SPLASH!!!!! SW
  3. One waits with baited breath . . . . . . . . . . . Janet, enjoy, will be great to see the results Its like waiting to see those 'first steps' . . . SW
  4. Re chargable batteries are best Janet . . . SW
  5. A past from the 'ePhotozine' site . . . If you want to see it for your self: http://www.ephotozine.com/topic/t-74115 Compliments of 'ePhotozine' . . . Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Leica, Panasonic…or? Does the Gear You have Really Matter? Or How I learned to just take a “Pitcher…” Well, I will commence with a simple answer "NO"...Whether it is a Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung or any Medium format camera and digital back out there, it really is of no great consequence which brand you own! You want to know why? Based on a recent survey, 90 percent o
  6. Her you go Janet, from the same site as the E520 review, I have found the Samsung GX10: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Samsung-GX10-5716 SW
  7. According to the post, its an E520, focal length 180mm (I presume an Olympus lens), shutter 1/1250s, aperture F6.5 and ISO100. untouched he says . . . As you say Janet, if only . . . SW
  8. Steve, what you think of the Red Bull Harvard? Don nothing but fit to screen, straight out of the camera according to the photographer? I like it . . . SW
  9. I have put this up for all to see, it floats my boat . . . taken from: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Olympus-E520-9360#comments . . . where there are a few more, but this one is my favourite. A test shot with an Olympus E520, the poster says it is streigh out of the camera . . . I have done nothing other than make it fit the screen'ish, depends on your screen of course. SW
  10. Whoops, got that one totaly wrong, could not find a ref on the Sigma site . . . but I did not pick up on 4/3rd Thanks for putting me streight Rob Here we go: http://www.warehouseexpress.com/category/b...gn=Sigma_4-3rds and this: http://www.sigma-imaging-uk.com/quicklinks/fourthirds.htm SW
  11. Yep, see what you mean Steve and probaly agree, it might be a tad over the top, blown up? . . . you pixel peeping Steve? . . . but the detail is in the picture if required, thats realy the point. SW
  12. Deleted, ignor me Janet, see posts 39 & 42 . . . had a senior moment SW
  13. An interesting review on the Olympus E520: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Olympus-E520-9360#comments
  14. At this lever Janet, cameras come with rechargeable nicad type batteries and a separate charger. I have two batteries for mine, on eBay I paid about a fiver + PP, take care, they are posted cheap and hit you with PP! If they do that dont buy, trying to pull a fast one. I went for an American company, fair price and a reasonable PP. As far as SD Cards are concerned I've bought from eBay and Amazon, buy a reputable brand, personally mine are 'SanDisk Extreme III' HC (Hi Capacity) 4gb. I also have a couple of the 'Extreme III 2gb' these are 'standard capacity' but 'hi speed' what ever tha
  15. It may be me??? I like things to be super sharp, even in my own vision, I drive myself and my optician mad when I go for an eye test. I find it very frustrating some days if my diabetes is playing up and I cant see the fly crawling up the church tower! I'm left cold when a portrait picture is presented and raved over as perfect . . . "but it not sharp" is my knowing response . . . My main concern was that the picture has the detail available, how one finally presents it is a personal matter . . . me, I like sharp, thats how I perceive it, I dont see any 'high contrast' . . . Just shows
  16. Has no one got any views on the above??? A published 'Sample' picture, representative of the of the cameras ability? and yet, tweek it a tad (it was minimal) in Ev.7 and you can count the bricks in the wall at the back . . . Am I being irrellevant . . . ? SW
  17. . . . . !!! the cost of the lens cover! $600, as much as I want to pay for the lens . . . SW
  18. Snatcher, just Googled 'Airshow Photography Tips', plenty came up, this one looks simple to understand, not to much 'anorak' type OTT detail: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Photography/...hows/index.html SW PS See this site: http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/showthread.php?t=92432 They talk of the need to have a slow shutter for propeller driven craft, other wise the prop is stopped, looks strange, loose sense of motion. I seem to remember reading 125th was about right with an appropriate aperture for the weather?
  19. E520 reviewed: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/OlympusE520/ Great camera, but, its that 'but' again, let down by some fundimental features that are not up to scratch, according to DCR? Read the Conclusions page. If you look away from the 'water proof' requirement dont forget the D60, a great sample picture page? SW
  20. Well Janet, I can see why you like the spec., of the K10D camera, but it worries me when I look at a series of sample photos and I think; OK but . . . ? and that was whats been bugging me on the Pentax K10D/Samsung re badge. All that spec., top name and I, the potential customer am left a bit 'flat' . . . I then look at the Exif, a high percentage were +0.3EV . . . Far be it from to question the expertise of DCR camera review site??? but there is always a but . . . So, I took a JPEG photo off the sample site and did my standard minimum rework that I do as a norm., if I'm not happy
  21. Morning Janet, I agree with Steve, even on the 1-2% issue, they bounce backwards and forwards month by month, year by year, however I think (bias, what bias ) Nikon has the high ground, just, at the moment . . . Next month who knows, but essentially they are the two brands that give 'no tears' universal ad on choice. Just had a quick look at a couple of other review, I picked up, the Samsung is not compatible with the off camera flash of the Pentax, noted you wanted this as an option? I also picked up that the JPEG compression was very high, detracting from the potential image quality, r
  22. Hear are a coupe of reviews, one for the Olympus you mentioned, the other for a Nikon D60 which you may not have considered? The body is motor less, but personally I dont find this a problem, there are plenty of good third party and brand lenses available and these are coming onto the SH market now, its just 'old' lenses that would be a problem. I have . . . Hazel has . . . a D40X which I use, the D60 is the re vamped and re badged and re marketed D40X. Considerably less than £400 will get a body and kit lens, as a usable camera, I find its sibling superb. Especially read the 'Conclusion
  23. Ive been working up to today for a few weeks, first session coarse fishing since 1995 . . . Here is my swim, classic lily pad, disused gravel pit, all the junk around the seat, and I recon I travel light, you can imagine what the 'tackle tart' a few pegs up looked like . . . Same swim from a more faltering angle . . . Now would I have even considered misleading you . . . Bought the maggots, half a pint of mixed please . . . felt so strange after 19 years, almost like going into the chemist the first time for ***** Hump every thing out of the car, fight the combination l
  24. Whoops, glad you picked me up on the D5000's lack of motor DelJ, could cause some to be less than happy, sorry for that error. The word is, that although the D300 does have a slightly higher 'pro spec.,', the D90 (ignoring the Video ) does do well . . . seen arguments for and aginst, but for the likes of me, all I want is that 3" rear screen, magic, then again, the twidling 2.75 screen on the D5000 is a real plus . . . . . . ????? The D90 I think? when I'm alowed . . . SW
  25. Janet, From my point of view and I'm semi biased, the simple fact is, Nikon have the edge . . . just . . . with the D300, D90 and new D5000, however the edge, if my reading is correct, is such a fine line of 1 or 2%. Its more down to, budget, the feel in your hands, particular ways you prefer a function to work, and what badge you want to present to the world . . . The colour presentation IMHO out of camera is important, Canon tend to a warm brown'ish tinge, Nikon go towards the natural cooler blue'ish hue. I have spent a lot of time tickling the out of camera picture from my D80. Th
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