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  1. Isn't it cold up north though?


    Only for you southern softies, all the cold weather runs down hill from Scotland but penines stops it going all the way south, lucky you it's caught all the water, hence flooding :-(

  2. I've asked at Rudyard and there is no problem. The only thing is how many would want to fish from a boat as there are only six boats and only 2 of these have electric engines. The rst would have to use oars. If anyone is interested would you let me know and we can start to plan a days fishing

  3. I've heard Sale water park is good fishing, if you're really struggling why not call into a local tackle shop and ask them, they probably know a few. Hook and line in Higher Blakley is very good. As mentioned above most places you can find in Manchester are canals. I've been going to Rudyard in Leek and it only costs £4 a day.

  4. Cheers Dave, it was, very nice my pb :D


    Rudyard's just past Stoke on Trent isn't it ?


    It's on the road between stoke and Leek, it's just off the A523. I think it's about 2 miles long.

  5. Last year there was a barbel fish in on the Warks Avon too near evesham.


    Jedibonds tench looks really nice.

    How about setting a day on Rudyard, I could have a word with the warden. It's big enough and there are roach, perch, carp, bream and pike. there maybe a few brownies and bream as well and it's only £4 for the day from the bank. I think he only has one boat but it wouldn't take much to get the others fit to use, probably just a clean and boat launching is cheap but only electric power or oars allowed.

  6. why not try something a little more upmarket that will give him confidence and hell want to use more fox warrior etc teamed with a chepish baitrunner I would avoid the real bargain rods I made that mistake when I got My GF lad rods/reels he found what I thought was workable far to cumbersome. Another route to try is a shorter rod 9/10ft stalking type and you can get one you like for the times he doesnt want to go lol


    My dad hasn't been fishing for some time and bought a cheap rod and reel. The first decent fish he caught the gearing on the reel made it almost impossible to reel in. So be careful you don't end up with something unuseable. Decathlon do a fairly cheap range of rod and reels as kits from around £35. I suppose it depends what you want to spend. As stated before a local tackle dealer can be an invaluable source of information and they can often find you something that will suit both your pocket and experience.

  7. before you bin it turn off pc at mains but leave plugged in ,if the card has a fan clean it and the heat radiator below it ,whilst your at it clean the contacts that go into the slot with a eraser .

    check the case fans and the psu one for dust then plug it all back in and start it up ,a lot of graphics card issues can be down to heat as ofcourse general pc faults can be.

    also check the monitor connections strange things happen when they are a bit loose


    Looking at the picture it looks as though the card has a seperate power supply to the video card, so first when you remove you case check to make sure the fan is actually working, if not you may require a power lead to plug into it. Replacing the card is easy as you'll see when you open the case. 1 screw and then lift it out, just a simple push fit. otherwise I would do as chesters says and if all else fails look for another card. You'll see how easy they are to fit and if you use xp and get an half desent card the drivers should install automatically.

  8. i am new 2 fishing also but catched my first tench 2 weeks ago using sweetcorn on hairrig and some post me 2 use lunchmeat marinated in curry powder so i am going 2 try that i know its not much but i hpoe it helps

    When I was a kid I used to go down to the water where I was fishing and collect some mussels from mud beds using my landing net, we would remove these from the shells and hook them through the tongue on a size 10 hook lengered out at the edge of the mud beds or toward weeds with 1/2oz weight around 12 inches from the hook on a running rig. This worked great. Another method as you say is hair rigged sweetcorn or mini boilies but personally I prefer a float when tench fishing. Just set it up so you bottom weight is just off the bottom so if the tench pick up your hook bait you float will lay flat. Red maggot, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, mussel and of course worm will all work.

  9. I understood your point and I take on board what you are saying. I was given some advice the other day at a local tackle dealer, regarding a take I missed on deadbait. I was using size 6 semi barbless hooks on a whole joey mackeral around 9" in length. My drift float fully submerged then almost immediatley came back to the surface and then down it went again. I struck almost immediatly the float went the second time. My baitfish just broke in half and was completely mashed. I didn't miss the strike but the pike got off after a second or so. I was told to count to 10 to give the pike time to get a proper grip on the bait. I had 1 treble positioned at the tail and one at the dorsal leaving around 4 or 5" from dorsal to head hook free. Is this a common thing or would I be better cutting the head off the baitfish...10 seconds seems like a long time and obviously I was getting excited at the prospect of a better fish so I struck as soon as I noticed the take. Is there a rule of thumb or is 10 seconds an acceptable time to wait?

    If I was bit bahing on maggot I would always strike straight away, so why the wait?

  10. Its the size of the single thats the issue Noodle no matter how you use a large single you cant overcome the issue of the depth of penetration.Ive discussed this a bit with Mick and he's now no longer so keen on the 6/0 singles he initially sugested for his "Kebab" rigs.


    I've just read about the hooks and have to say it worries me as a new comer to pike, not fishing this also makes me a newcomer to trebbles. I have been using size 6 semi barbed and all my lures I have squashed the barbs. The worrying thing is that if single hooks are so dangerous then why are they fitted in shads. The shads I bought from 'storm' the single hook is huge. Is it different for a lure because it's moving making it less likely to cause deep hooking? I would have thought that the pikes aggresive nature still made deep hooking when spinning, trawling a real possibility.

  11. Oh by the way, I ordered some lures from tackle bargains but couldn't remember if I had used this sites link, so put the web address in how I found them, hope this still works the same so you get the support this site deserves. Thanks to everyone for the help and support. I've started to get to grips with pike fishing and am loving it.

  12. This might help...


    Click HERE for unhooking instructions


    By the way, it might be easier if you simply demolish any hooks stuck in your landing net, with a pair of snips. At 20p a hook or something, it's better to destroy them than your net.



    You'll have to try fishing with my Dad, we look like one flew over the cuckoos nest :-)

    I don't mind cutting the hooks off, just thought there would be a single stranded net out there. I am more worried about the pikes welfare, though having said that got my fingers well and truly speared last time out when fish decided to have a fit in the boat while I was trying to get the hook out, it came out and went right through my fingers. OUCH was not the word I used.

  13. My biggest worry at the moment is actually holding the pike correctly, I've watched a few videos and asked people I know who pike fish but I am having trouble holding the pike so it opens it's mouth. I did find though that the bigger pike were quite easy. Also is there a special landing net as the one I use though very fine and soft is a nightmare with trebbles getting caught up and I spent quite a while trying to get them out of the netting after landing fish, my biggest priority was actually getting the pike back in the water and then spending 10 minutes getting the hooks out of the net. I squashed the barbs down with pliers before fishing and this may have nade things worse due to a narrow gap between shank and barb. I think I will stick them in a vice and file the barbs off. Are there any good books or videos showing how to hold pike? I am thinking of trying live bait but want to know if there is a way of doing this little or no harm coming to bait fish so I could let them go at the end of the day?

  14. If was only allowed one lure and one bait, for the rest of days, I'd have to go for the floating Salmo Slider (Shiner) and Brown Trout deads.



    I managed to get there yesterday and what a day we had. I think I caught 10 or 11 in total and my Dad managed 6. Most were jack pike but my Dad lost an excellent fish at the net of around 15lb. I had 3 around 6 or 7 and lost 1 at the net of around 10lb on dead baited joey mackeral. I tried all sorts of lures but the only 1 I caught on was what looks like an Abu lure. Can't remember where I got it and My Dad only caught on 1 similar to mine but his was mainly silver with a red stripe.



  15. Duckweed? that only goes down about 1cm is there any subsurface weed.

    If the floating stuff is causing you problems go back after a big blow on the water it should push the stuff away but a stiff rod and braid should help combat that stuff.



    Then it's not duck weed, it is growing from the bottom all the way to the surface. It's only soft and easy to break out of but clogs up the lure and stops the action working properly.

    I'll break out the winter woollies

  16. I wouldnt bother with the weedless lures as they are pretty much pikeless too.

    What type of weed is it and to what depth does it rise? Floating crankbaits would be your best option as you can stop the retrieve and let them rise in a stop start motion that will cover the surface of the weed quite well with a little practice.

    Top tip if you go to rudyard in winter wear lots of very warm clothes as that is one of the coldest most miserable places Ive ever fished.



    I got a chartreuse power pop frog today and I'll try that. The weed looks like duck weed and is actually on the surface in most places. There are holes and chanels in it but all face down the lake not across it so you still have to cross it. i did try a floating lure but the weed is almost constant it stop the action working properly.

  17. After the weather this morning I didn't manage to get to Rudyard, instead I went more local. I didn't get anything but my Dad missed a take which we think hit the weed he was dragging behind his lure. My question is, which lures are weedless and can I use them to fish at depth or do they just skip across the surface? Also I tried drift fishing a deadbait but was always in weed. How best to floatfish deadbait in weed or should I forget it and ledger it instead, possibly popped up with foam balls or something similar?

  18. The only way to know is to try to save something else and check the directory. Otherwise I'd check the programmes directory whre the programme you use to copy is installed and if not there then user data in my documents. Uninstall media check disc, thats probably your problem. Also are any of the drives usb? If so they could be going to sleep and then not being picked up by windows, just turn them off and on again. It may also be worth checking if your drives aren't conficting by all being set to master or slave. Just check the jumpers on the back of the drives where the power supply is.

  19. i have a 200gb hard drive partionioned into 2 x 100gb one for the system and one for data storage


    i have a few videos and alot of southpark, futurama, family guy over 3 years i have noticed that some of the vids are getting a bit degraded, audio sync is out and some video corruption, i know this isnt the audio and video hardware or software. it seems alot like when an old video cassette starts to degrade.


    anyone else found this and know why it happens ?


    I really can't understand that unless you've converted the file format using something like nero which can put lipsink out. Never seen that before. I'd try using media player classic which uses less resourses.

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