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I'm generally addicted to float fishing and, while I occasionally try to target species such as Perch I just like to see what turns up next.


I was taught to fish by my older brother and used to fish at the Tom Thumb and The Chase lakes in Dagenham, Essex. I think I probably put fishing behind me when I got to my later teenage years and only picked it up again with a scary kind of obsessiveness a couple of years ago. Now I cant think of anything else to do at the weekends!

The odd thing is that whenever I went somewhere on holiday I always bought myself a telescopic rod, reel and tackle to fish the local harbours and rivers. My best instance of this was fishing in and around Yellowstone National Park in the USA where we were camping, desperately hoping to catch a Salmon for dinner. Sadly this never happened.


I live, work and fish in Peterborough and as luck would have it I have loads of places around here to go fishing, commercial lakes, rivers and a surprising amount of free lakes as well.


If anyone on the forum is visiting Peterborough and keen to try out the local area then contact me and I will try to do them proud, both as a guide and fishing buddy for the day!

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