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  1. I know exactly the situation with exception to the wind. I avoid windy conditions and probably miss out on some really good days in doing so too.


    A few years ago I watched someone at a small commercial (Stonebridge nr Northallerton) casting with a small hill at his back. His back cast appeared to go straight up in the air. I still don't know how he was doing it. Maybe it was the type of line?


    I think my main problem is that I have never had anyone show me how to cast and I probably have a few bad habits. I'm still catching though and don't have near the problems I had initially.

  2. Me too - strangely, I don't have any trouble with using the ROD left handed (I am right handed) but I do have trouble controlling and shooting the LINE with my right hand. I usually give up and cast righthanded over my left shoulder.


    Same here Dave. I have control issues- :) err with the rod itself which make me feel like I'm throwing like a girl. Doesn't bother me. It's the loss of power while loading the rod that does. I almost always switch back or find another spot where being cack handed isn't a prerequisite. I'll feel better about it when I get really good.


    Apart from maybe one episode where me and one of my shipmates 'shared' a Taiwanese hooker in Kaohsiung one night I have the lead role in all of it.


    I hope you were pitching and not catching Cory... :lol:


    Seriously though, you guys are probably correct in that most unwanted bugs are from children and unwarranted clicks for free stuff.

  4. or something more serious? I know some of you have Evos (Elton) and Subarus... Advice please..


    I have a 2001 Volvo V40 T4. It has just gone over 90k.


    When I give it some stick (wellie-whatever) or drop the clutch so to speak I get a giant shudder (loud pounding) through the car as the front wheels eventually find traction and not much acceleration. It seems to accelerate rather smoothly if I don't get on it. I'm just wondering if I am due for some serious maintenance (struts and engine mounts) or if this is normal and its just the turbo and too much power all at once.


    I ran accross this on another forum:


    Wheel hop is caused by the wheels "castering". What happens when you launch hard is this: The whole shebang "winds up". The wheels move back towards the rear of the car (via the control arms which are mounted to the car via soft bushings that "give"), and the motor mounts stretch to the end of their travel. While all this stretchin and bendin is going on, power is being absorbed. Once the limits are reached power is suddenly not being absorbed the whole gamut suddenly gets transmitted to the tires. When the tires suddenly break traction due the sudden increase in torque, the tension on everything is released, everything suddenly springs back to resting position, the tires grab again, and the whole cycle starts over again. You can actually see the tires "castering" quite a bit if you were to watch this happen. Your tires also play a factor in this. Tires that are quite sticky tend to exacerbate the problem, as do worn struts.


    Thanks in advance

  5. I only run symantec internet security 2008 (virus updates once a week with full system scan) and that is behind my routers firewall. IE7 has a popup blocker.. But I don't frequent hacker or porn sites either. Of course I haven't been in any accidents lately in the car.. Oh well. Nevermind.


    I'm more likely to have my accounts broken into and my identity stolen.. Not that I need any more excitement.. With the world ending in August maybe I should max all my credit cards too...

  6. I must be lucky or something... I never (touch wood) get popups and find anything other than the occasional tracking cookie. So here is my question. What sites are you guys going to and what are you downloading????


    Comeon be honest

  7. Hi Fred,


    I've got XP media center (sp) on my desktop but I have never used it. With so many other options available for viewing I just haven't bothered with it. I only use IE7 popup blocker.

  8. Hi Andrew,


    I was originally looking at the Trident because I liked the stowage and flat area around the rod pod aka toilet :) . So I went to have a look at what they had at Robinhoods in Leeds. RHs had a prowler 15 on display and I just couldn't justify getting such a large capacity boat for what I wanted to do with it. Standing next to it while it was stood on end, well the sheer size of it- mindboggles. Anyway I absolutely love my 13 and if I can justify another I would go for the smaller trident.


    In fact I like it so much that I won't even let anyone else paddle it.. :spiteful:

  9. Zone Alarm is probably being inundated with requests for downloads and other things since it seems loads of people are looking for a 'fix'.


    I wonder since you can't get to the web.... Are ports 80, and 443 open for web access? This makes sense in my mind.- A firewall by default leaves all ports outgoing open. BUT it closes inbound ports. Sooo.. TCP uses the same port the request went out on to return. By rights your software is working correctly but the FW (ZA) has closed the returning port.


    I don't have ZA. Since it is freeware does it allow you to open and close ports?


    Leon- AOL uses ports 5190 - 5193. MSN uses 6891-6901. They may require all to work correctly.


    Well known port numbers

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