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  1. tried it a few times...wont use singles for pike..not unless they are fry feeding and im using very small baits.


    the dead/live baits i use just cant be rigged properly without trebles, also with singles i have missed many a take....its odd because with zander, i prefer singles. B)


    Mainly due to size of baits used, but also zander dont have the big mouth of a pike, trying to free two trebeles that arte firmly lodged can be difficult. there isnt much room to work in a zeds mouth, and i have unhooked zeds to over 12+. That and zeds can be much more finicky than pike.



    nope tried and tested trebles for me everytime, and i dont fish popular waters, so i dont have the problem of pike with snapped off traces in there guts. :angry:

  2. i have a Leeda Rimspin rod 9ft, i use it for lighter lure that my multiplier set up wont cast very well, small plugs and spinnerbiats etc i often use it as a bait rod, as long as im not fishing at distance it is fine, i normally float fish close in when using it, laned good fish over double figures on it.

  3. hey fellas!


    cheers for the welcome bk! it has been a while, tho im getting back into my fishing for the winter, hooning around on bikes is a bit much in winter, teh bike is mianly for work for a while! got a new one now..same as before but not a 650...but a 1000!!


    went piking te weekend on a new water, started on lures...absolutelu nothing, tried all sorts, ended up plotting up with a FL dead out, and lure fishing round the bait...had a take and landed a near double..a nice lil welcome back, was a minter too!

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  4. Its been a while since i posted on here, slowly getting back into fishing again after discovering fast bikes :D wrote my one off tho few weeks ago, dozy driver pulled out on me :mellow::rolleyes:


    anyway in teh meantime i visted the Ebro..came away with a good fish(see pic)..hope everyones well... :)


  5. they are present in the lea, but not in huge numbers, hence they can be difficult to find, i found out about some once, probably still there, but i had too many repeat captures so i moved on.

  6. i'm right into lures at the mo,


    top catchers for me are


    hawg wobbler-surface lure


    shad rap-floating and it has to be in firetiger


    manns 6inch shad


    spinnerbaits (small sizes)




    abu tormentor-floating 6inch


    deads wise,when winter comes portugese sardines are hard to beat, that or fresh large smelts.

  7. andy's spot on,


    fish the waggler,fish at mid depth(adjust as and when ie if they are going for it shallow up a bit), and feed alot of maggot with single maggot hookbait fish light but not too light. when you get a few decent sized chub feeding on maggots the crays will stay well away beleive me , fish to the far bank, trees or boats are the features to look for, trees that edge out over the water are best, as food will drop from these, in summer the chub can be all over the place or up in carthagena wier, best to give it a go fom sept onwards, thats not to say there arent any about at the mo. and dont forget theres tench,bream,good perch, big carp even the odd barbel to be had. best of luck


    how ya doing jigotai!?

  8. my thoughts are with his family and friends.


    Gerry was a lovely bloke,a real diamond,he was the first person to take me out lureing from a boat,he even came halfway across london to pick me up and show me his beloved thames,i had 2 trips with gerry that i shall remeber for a long time to come.


    RIP Gerry.

  9. One other though. Do you tie you baits onto the trace or just use the hooks to keep the bait on? I have heard of people blaming lost fish on the deadbait being used to lever the hooks out, which is why people like to hook the bait on as lightly as possible so it comes off when it's been taken.


    Other wise, get a shorter rod or chop back some of the branches!


    i have had fish throw the baits and the hooks go with it! mainly when using mackarel baits or big heavy baits.

  10. for me its teh take when chasing predators,be it a float going under....a drop-off pulling out of the clip...or an alarm screaming in anger...or a THUMP down the braid as a lure is hit.....its all in the take for me...after sometimes hours of nothing....BANG...like a bolt out of the blue!

  11. fished the hampshire avon this week (mon-wendsday),


    teh river had gone over the banks,into the fields,and it was running through like a train....visibilty was down to about 7-8 inches.


    hard work for very little reward....


    what a river tho...i will go back and i will get my reward!

  12. i have stalked pike in small streams,


    one was a memorable event,i stalked this pike only for it to pick up and drop my roach dead,i had it popped up in a swim about 2-3ft deep,i balanced it out like a carper does a pop-up,head upstream,sitting almost like a livebait.

    so teh next week i went back,looked about for the fish i had seen....i couldnt see her,so i put out a fresh popped up sardine,as i scanned teh water with my polarised specs on i spotted her coming upstream from a dying lily bed,straight on ebait and wallop she took it,the fight was incredible!!

    i could see her every turn,and she had a companion!? another pike followed her as i played her......she weighed 19.06 and teh one following was easily a double.


    wobbled deads are just as good as lures if not better! as you can leave em static and sight fish them.

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