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  1. :clap2: Did you catch anything on Friday with your son? I fished down at Beesands last Saturday week, all I caught was the sun... :rolleyes:

    I didn't go fishing on Friday & I don't have a son, it's my friend who wants to take his son out on a boat from West Bay.


    I did however catch a table sized bass on Thursday at Hive on mackeral feathers :thumbs:

  2. Again, this is why i have suggested weymouth, not far up the coast and a massive diversity of fishing both inshore and off. You would be hard to find a bad skipper within the deepsea web site. Tight lines.
    Thanks, but again, I live a 3 minute walk from West Bay harbour & my guests are staying in a camp site in West Bay less than 1 minute from the harbour - hence why I am looking for personal recommendations for skippers / boats out of West Bay - Weymouth is not an option for us - it's 12 miles away.


    The last time I took advice from my local tackle shop, the skipper turned out to be a colossal arse-hole, who unbeknown to me at the time, is a renowned arse-hole amongst locals. This is why I was looking for people who had actually been on a boat out of my harbour & could recommend it - not just secondhand recommendations.


    It's all about a dad giving his kid a trip to remember whilst on holiday & not suffering a skipper from hell, with a dog called Nelson - out of West Bay.... not Weymouth, or anywhere else that isn't West Bay ...

  3. Thanks, but I'm looking for personal recommendations, ideally from people who have been on the boats themselves, not just what boats do what.


    Not looking for Weymouth either as I live in West Bay you see ....

    No-one has been out on a charter boat out of West Bay who they can recommend then ? :unsure:

  4. Hi, have a look at www.deepsea.co.uk the majority are weymouth but one or two are west bay etc. You can look in detail at the charter boats and what they are offering. Good luck.

    Thanks, but I'm looking for personal recommendations, ideally from people who have been on the boats themselves, not just what boats do what.


    Not looking for Weymouth either as I live in West Bay you see ....

  5. Have some friends down in August who want to take their kids out on a charter boat for the day.


    I've only been out of West Bay, Dorset once on a charter & had a very bad experience (rude & unhelpful 'skipper' & 'assistant' who loves to throw all of their litter into the sea).


    Looking for recommendations for a good day out at a reasonable cost. Doesn't have to be wreck fishing & would be quite happy with inshore fishing but am looking for something a bit more challenging than a mackeral boat ...

  6. Hello,

    I'm new to the forum and new to sea fishing (been a general coarse angler for many years). I live in weymouth and am taking a friend fishing for a few mackerel this evening. Hoping to use some lures or float with makerel strips on pretty light tackle. Has anyone got any ideas on where the mackerel are showing at the moment or are we wasting our time? I have a car and can travel a bit. Well pleased to have found this forum and the stuff on returning mackerel was very useful.


    Welcome to the forum.


    A very good spot for mackerel (feathering at least) is Ferry Bridge car par park - pretty much anywhere along the stretch of chesil adjacent to the car park is good.


    If you are float fishing then the stone pier is also a good spot - I've had quite a few table sized fish from there including mackerel. Try Portland harbour side between half way & two thirds of the way down. Most people rush right down to the end of the pier, but I've seen more caught not so far down.

    Also the east side of the stone pier looking towards the pavilion can also be good for spinning (spinning the other side can be precarious because of the amount of rocks & snags)

    Also worth trying fishing on the bottom for flat fish on the east side as well as it's smooth & sandy.


    Chesil cove can also be a good spot


    Mackerel are definitely about - I've seen plenty being caught already

  7. With cogden & hive now under National Crust control, might be worth getting membership, soon pay for itself if you fish the venues regular + you could visit places like Dunster & see what a mess i made of it :D


    At £43.50 for a single annual membership, you'd only have to park at Studland bay 7 times to get your money back, being £6 a go to park there!!! :schmoll::yucky::angry:

  8. ..... p.s i made up the bit obout ziggy attacking me with a rock. :blink:

    As of May this year (2007) the national trust will make you pay to park at Cogden - seems to be the same charges as at Bexy - 40p an hour or £2 all day. Wonder if they'll use the money to pay for someone to stop the cars getting stolen & set fire to ?? :angry::angry::thumbs:

  9. Tried out Hive -every cast bar a couple resulted in a doggie. plenty of those about thats for sure!


    Going to try Abbotsbury this afternoon - see what that brings....


    Would certainly be up for a shot thurs.... -pm me with your plan if you're still keen!






    Wot was the haul fom Seatown ?


    I heard Zigs got served ? ;-)


    *effing incumbents huh ?!?! ;-)


    Am out all day Monday (day off for my birthday ...)

  10. All of the big stuff has been moved from my beach now, still a fair bit of oil about though. Apart from BMW car parts, packs of nappies & Spanish dog food, we appear to have had a satellite washed up on East beach!


    Kids were still finding dog food last night, but mostly on Eype


    tappy42 - welcome to the area - I just moved from Burton 4 months ago ...

  11. I would avoid: Skanky over ripe cockles from ANY seafood stall on Weymouth beach & the smallest seafood stall in Looe - cockles should not be grey!!


    Not to mention Parsons Pickled seafood of any description - they give you constipation & diarrhoea at the same time which is like shaking a bottle of Corona pop for an hour then not undoing the lid for 3 days - not nice ...

  12. Good point Colin W - I am of course referring to marsh samphire. Not had the opportunity yet to try t'other


    Zigs - maybe a sam-fur gathering expedition could be arranged. We must do some more cockling, got some belters last spring tide @ Ferry Bridge (best lot yet), I need some razor clams next ...

  13. I'd forgotten all about samphire!

    My vote also goes to samphire (pronounced 'sam-fur' btw, not 'sam-fire' as irritatingly done so by certain people!)

    Not with butter neither, although very nice I have to say. Try it with malt vinegar instead - fantastic.


    Shellfish: Cockles (Not the awful rubbish pickled in turps they sell in supermarkets, but freshly hand picked & steamed for 2 or 3 minutes)

    Close second are carpet shell clams. Cooked properly they have a fantastic taste. Keep trying them, I'm sure you'll learn to love them!


    Fish: Red Gurnard or Black Bream, difficult to choose.

  14. Pollack are a bit boring to eat, better returned.

    Pollack are most certainly not boring to eat! They are a delicately flavoured creamy/flakey fish.


    Chances are you've eaten more pollack than you realise as they are very often served as 'cod' at fish & chip shops.


    Just to confirm - 'Dead Man's Fingers' aren't poisonous, just inedible.

  15. Most common thing we find at our village (Hive) beach are 'disposable' BBQ's & empty beer bottles. Grockles have a BBQ, get drunk & just leave EVERYTHING on the beach. Quite a few times I've picked up the litter myself & taken it to the bins. What effort does it take ?????


    I don't see that much angling litter at Hive apart from the odd empty shockleader reel


    On the mackerel point: Zig, I don't suppose handling mackerel is a problem for you ? I heard the last time you caught some physh Macmillan was still in power ??? :blink:;):D

  16. Not ridiculous at all. If all workers deserve smoke-free environments in which to work, this has to include people whose jobs take them in to other people's houses. What they're asking for (please don't smoke less than an hour before the anticipated visit) sounds reasonable. A lot more reasonable than the media headlines which are/will be along the lines of "Public forbidden to smoke in their own homes", which would be inaccurate and alarmist nonsense. If someone can't hold out for more than an hour without a fag, out of consideration to a visitor whose job is to help them, don't you think that's pretty selfish?

    Couldn't agree more DavyR.

    Two people in a room, one smoking then BOTH are smoking - full stop.


    Smokers have the right to choose whether to smoke or not. Non smokers also have the same choice, but that choice is negated if someone in that room smokes. If you want to smoke, fine then do it in a place that is not going to impose upon others who choose not to.


    And yes, I have smoked, I smoked for many years on & off but never smoked around people who found it objectionable

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