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  1. Hi guys,

    So despite this being my first post in probably 12 years, if you look at my registration date, I signed up on here many years ago (2005)! I was really into carping and was on here all the time. I then had kids, sold the fishing gear....you know the story. Anyway, my lad is growing up and I fancied taking him fishing so bought a cheap float fishing setup to catch a few fish. I joined a local Facebook fishing group and asked where the best quiet spot was to fish (didnt want all you pros watching me!) and a random guy recommended a spot only 10 minute drive away, somewhere Id never heard of. He agreed to meet up and show it me one evening and sure enough, it was a really amazing spot, super quiet, only enough room for a couple of people fishing but I really believe it is hardly fished (weirdly even the chap on the Facebook group showing it me wasnt a keen angler and hadnt fished it in three years ....despite being a member of the group! ). Anyway, went up there 5 or 6 times over early summer and caught some great size roach, my lad was buzzing and never met another person up there fishing in probably over 40 hours. First person I saw in all that time was an old dog walker and he started chatting. Told me that he believed there was some carp in there...he didnt know who had put them in but he knew a guy who use to fish there and there was carp in it. Well, I was already bitten by the fishing bug, blown away by this pretty, unfished water and now told there was carp in there. Obviously the only thing I could do was buy a second hand carp setup off fleabay and get back on there. Sure enough, an 8 pound mirror took my bait off a hair rigged popped fake sweet corn on a standard safe bolt rig (only setup I remember) within an hour of being there.


    So the story almost seems too good to be true...for me anyway. A free water, nice local location, hardly/rarely fished with carp in it.


    However, here is the problem. Ive now lost 3 fish and got properly snagged up a couple of those times. Since carping on there, Ive stayed on a little later and some bikers tend to hang around just around the corner. I went up to chat to them (asking if they ever saw anyone fishing it) and they mentioned that they know there is all sorts of crap in there....rocks, tyres and even cars!


    Im not going to lie, Ive not really considered my setup as Ive just been getting back into it and its been hard enough remembering the basics, baits, knots, standard rigs, pva bags etc without considering my setup but I think its time I stopped until I have a better strategy of how to fish it. I cant keep getting snagged up as it isnt fair on the fish either! It is very very deep. I was trying to fish off the bottom when course fishing with the kid and literally only 6 foot out its over 8 foot deep! Im guessing it is way way deeper. That said, my last fish was taken from the margins.


    So after me going on for too long now, how would you fish it? Line, setup, location...knowing there are bad snags? Is it even right to keep fishing it for carp knowing this is the case. Love to know your opinions. It is a great water so would love to keep at it and see what else is in there!

  2. Hi guys


    I`m from Manchester and me and my mate have decided to go to Tenby for the weekend but want to spend an evening and night at a carp venue!


    The thing is i`m looking for something a little more low key! Not cuz we are going to prat around, just because my mate hasn`t done and over nighter (or much carping for that matter!) and i want to show him to ropes in a more relaxed environment....you know what i mean! I`ve been to a lot of venues and its deathly silence and every splosh is fround upon.


    I can think of loads of my local venues that would be highly suited and i`m looking for something identical, not a huge well known fishery, just something nice, where we can sit knowing that not every man and his dog will be there and we can have a good evenings fish!


    Since we are traveling from Manchester and eventually to reach south Wales, pretty much the whole of wales is at our access, but the nearer to out final destination the better.


    Hope someone out there can make a decent recommendation!




  3. I am selling this due to finances needed for buying a house! It was only bought about 4 months ago and is in top nick! No rips or tares!


    Twin layer bivvy bought from BAS (in Bolton). It is an identical copy of the JRC, and is marked with the model "carp wigwam". It cost me £180!!


    RAPID errection, super walm, quick release doors, twin layer and fully waterproof!! IDEAL for any overnight fishing!!!! The front can even be tied back in the summer and be held open like a shelter!!


    SELLING for £105 + £5 postage ono BUY it and become a true CARPER...


    ps. this bivvy also helps you catch bigger fish


    IMPORTANT!! - any replys, email mnbylcr2@yahoo.co.uk !!, dont just reply here as i may not see it!



  4. Mate look on ebay...get some little 1 led lights things for £1. They last for ages.


    I use to use a big camping light, problem is when u go outside the light is so bright its really dark. Now i hang the little led in a corner, gives enough light to see what i`m doing and i just leave it on all night. Looked from outside my bivvy and u can hardly see its lit!


    I then have a head toarch for doing anything detailed!


    Find that combination perfect, but u main find differently!

  5. i aint squabbling with anyone...boy am i still learning. Most of you who i talk to on msn each day, tell me something new each day!!!


    Its just annoying me how u keep punching me with comments. I think ur interpreting what i said wrong. What i was trying to say is: Your message is in reply to the topic and you are talking as tho everyone is chatting about baits because they think its most important thing. I was just explaining that i dont think thats the case, like myself, i wrote about baits because the question asks about baits in the actual topic writing.


    Let me clarify - you are obviously correct talkin about markering, and your comments were very useful. You said """ Does'nt anyone bother with finding the fish anymore then? Is it just a case of finding a wonder bait and lobbing it in?

    "" well yes everyone else does bother finding fish and itsd not all about wonder baits....everyone is talkin about baits cuz thats in the origonal question. I was innocently defending everyone....if I would have said it face to face you wouldnt have thought anything of it!!!!! Not trying to argue.


    And i dont enjoy sarcasm and spiteful remarks...no i aint a wonder carper, i`m a nooby, trying to learn!!!!!




  6. Did u read any of my fikin post ? Did i not say i`m not flaming ur advice?!?!?!?!


    I was explaining that the reason most peeps have been talkin about bait is becuase his question in the topic was about frozen baits! U made it sound like everyone was advising him wrong talkin about baits...yet thats what his question was on!


    so read in future before asking pointless retorical questions to back up an argument that isnt there!

  7. mpbdsnu:

    Does'nt anyone bother with finding the fish anymore then? Is it just a case of finding a wonder bait and lobbing it in?


    The title of this thread is, after all, "how do I fish a new venue"???????

    Not flaming you or anything but although that was the title of the subject , his actual question was :


    """ but im only allowed to use frozen boilies

    is there any frozen boilies out there that really do the trick """


    I think thats why everyone has answered with responses to bait! Otherwise you would have seen more posts with markering ect...


    Just clarifying...



  8. Why not try the naturals -- sweetcorn, maize, maggot...over a bed of pellet or hemp.


    Why has no-one mentioned Activ8 and maple8 ...killer baits, but i suppose if its a new venue not much will have gone in, and its not really high attract, more of a feed. Still worth a go!


    Maybe if the guys ur mate its diffewrent, but u aint gonna take the bait frozen anyways...how the hell is he gonna know!! uppps thats naughty...naa i agree stick to the rules and fish it for years to come...although very strick rule has to be said!

  9. £3 ????


    I`m just about to buy one for £35...where did u get it for 3 for????


    KEV and Allan....sorry about that..i got some sort of virus...all gone now so please, unblock me! Kev do it asap as i need to talk to you about something ...

  10. what about the Nash bivvy boots, not got them, but i`ve seen um`. They are a proper boot, but with a sock insert that you can take out and sleep in and run outside if you need to get out quickly to the bleep bleeps.


    Also , i saw some bivvy slippers in my local shop, they are like wetsuit material so not a hard shoe and more of a soft slipper.


    Definately thinking of getting some!



  11. i have never caught a fish of the top yet, as i didnt start carping until december, but from what i`ve heard ""matter of being inthe right place at the right time"" I have spoke to a few people now who have had big big fish of the top!


    Does also seem that the bigger fish stay deeper BUT as i say does look like you can hook them off the top!

  12. Trakker Big Snooze , awesum bag! fantastic value at £40. I know cold, i use to use a £10 asda bag for my first few night sessions about 3 months ago. Use to freeze my ******** of, then switched to the big z, a colder night and i wolk up warm!! + you have the clip on top cover for another £20 on top!....good for summer alone i imagine!

  13. """but wats wrong with a bit of fun, when its cold dark and raining? """"




    Dont get me wrong, bet some of you guys who are saying """ observe nature" only pick ur sunny nights to bivvy up, when ur obsessed like me and doing 2-3 nights a week, in England, its normally ******* it down for at least half the time...after 24hours of blanking it would be a nice break to watch a bit of tv, play a computer game or two or use the interent!!!!!!


    Dont get me wrong, i spend most of my time looking at the water, but u cant look for 72hours!!!

  14. JRC STI single man, twin skin


    Solid as fuk, warm, easy put up, easy take down, loads of optional setups (sloping bank, flat, open front(brolly style), post box style door if wanted!




    Didnt know what i was buying when i was picking my bivvy but so so glad i got it!


    I have watched people struggle for hours on the banks with shitty biviys and with the STI u won`t be disapointed...


    End of the day, looks as thought everyone is happy with what they have,...they must all be good!! lol

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